Volleyball: The United States, Japan, and Poland qualify for the 2024 Olympics! Belgium defeats Canada and reserves Serbia and Slovenia

Volleyball: The United States, Japan, and Poland qualify for the 2024 Olympics!  Belgium defeats Canada and reserves Serbia and Slovenia

The United States, Japan and Poland have officially qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The three national men’s volleyball teams won a ticket to the pentathlon round thanks to the results they achieved in the two currently ongoing tournaments. We remind you that the three Olympic tournaments allocate three passes each (Group C will continue tonight in Rio de Janeiro with Italy-Cuba and Brazil-Iran), and the last five passes will be allocated by the FIVB classification at the end of the preliminary stage of the 2023 Nations League.

The Americans defeated Serbia 3-0 (25-18; 25-18; 25-17) and strengthened their first position in Group B in Tokyo (Japan) with six wins (15 points), led by centre-back Max Holt (13 points, 4 aces), versus the opposite. Matt Anderson (11) and spiker Aaron Russell (10). The Balkan national team, led by Miran Kujundžić (12) and Aleksandar Atanajevic (11), will have to maintain its FIVB ranking in hopes of reaching the Games.

Japan won over Slovenia 3-0 (25-21; 25-22; 25-18), clearly imposed itself in the direct confrontation to occupy second place in Group B (5 wins, 15 points). Tomorrow’s match against the United States will not matter, as even a 3-0 defeat and the accompanying 3-0 win for Slovenia over Serbia will not change the situation. The performance was outperformed by spiker Yuki Ishikawa (15 points), striker Yuji Nishida (13), and hammer Ran Takahashi (13). Roc Muzić (16 points) was not enough for Slovenia.

Instead Poland celebrated in Xi’an (China). The European champions have It beat the Netherlands 3-1 (21-25; 25-17; 25-22; 29-27) They achieved their sixth victory in a row, and mathematically deserved first place in the third group. A brilliant performance from spiker Wilfredo Leon (21 points) and the opposite player, Lukas Kaczmarek (18). Against This ter Horst (22) and Wouter ter Maat (12).

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The other ticket for Paris 2024 was booked from Belgium. The Red Dragons have already won the head-to-head match against Canada With a score of 3-1 (25-14; 22-25; 30-28; 25-16), achieving 4 victories (14 points) compared to 4 successes (12 points) for North America. In fact, a win for Belgium over lower-ranked Bulgaria would be enough To stay ahead of Canada, which will not face any problems, especially in organizing modest Canada in the last match in the group. Great performance by Stephen Marr (19 points) and Eric Luebke (14) against Sam Diro (20) and Ferry Rogers (18).

Today’s pre-olympic volleyball results

Turkey vs. Egypt 3-1 (25-21; 25-18; 20-25; 25-23)

Belgium vs. Canada 3-1 (25-14; 22-25; 30-28; 25-16)

Finland vs. Tunisia 3-0 (25-19; 25-23; 25-15)

Bulgaria vs. Mexico 3-0 (25-23; 25-19; 25-22)

USA vs Serbia 3-0 (25-18; 25-18; 25-17)

Poland vs Netherlands 3-1 (21-25; 25-17; 25-22; 29-27)

Japan vs Slovenia 3-0 (25-21; 25-22; 25-18)

Argentina vs. China 3-2 (22-25; 25-22; 25-19; 20-25; 15-12)

Pre-Olympic Volleyball Rankings

Group B: USA 6 wins (18 points), Japan 5 points (15 points), Slovenia 4 wins (12 points), Serbia 3 wins (9 points), Turkey 3 wins (8 points), Egypt 2 wins (4 points), Finland 1. Al-Nasr (5 points), Tunisia 0 wins (1 point).

Complex C: Poland 6 wins (16 points), Belgium 4 wins (14 points), Canada 4 wins (12 points), Argentina 4 wins (10 points), Bulgaria 3 wins (9 points), Netherlands 2 wins (6 points), China 1 Win (5 points), Mexico 0 win (0 points). *=One less game.

Photo: FIVB

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