Angela Lansbury dies, farewell to ‘The Lady in Yellow’ – World

Angela Lansbury dies, farewell to ‘The Lady in Yellow’ – World

Goodbye Hollywood star Angela LansburyJessica Fletcher, very popular She wrote the murder. She died at the age of 96, just five days after her 97th birthday, at her home in Los Angeles. The news came from the family: “The children of Mrs. Angela Lansbury are saddened to announce the death of their mother in her sleep in her home.”

The life and films of the actress from the archives of cinema

The lady’s signature in yellow – written killer

In her long career that has seen her queen from cinema to stage, she conquered Five Tony Awardsincluding one in 1966 for “Mami” Then again in 2009, at 83, for “Blythe spirit. His Broadway debut dates back to 1957 in ‘Paradiso Hotel“.

Born in Great Britain to an Irish mother on October 16, 1925, Lansbury fled England during the war and was already devoting herself to musicals at the age of 17, while at 19 she was under contract to MGM in Hollywood after her debut a year earlier. in a thriller movieGaslight ‘.

At the Grand Prix with very young Liz Taylor

Known the world over for her masterful interpretation of Mrs. Fletcher, the infallible detective writer armed with her unforgettable suits and handbags, Lansbury was the heroine of other very important productions.

She was the scary maid in suffering Tormented Ingrid Bergman, the older sister of the very young Liz Taylor was in Grand prizethe ruthless protagonist of the thriller go and killthe seductress of Samson and Delilah, a cheerful apprentice witch who struggles with three children and German soldiers in Brass knobs and broom sticks Together with Peter Ustinov in Murder on the Nile And Miss Marple V fight in the mirror.

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But he also starred on the set with Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Vincente Minnelli and Frank Sinatra. Although she has become an icon of American cinema, Great Britain has never forgotten her. It was Elizabeth II who honored her with the title of Lady Queen.

She was not a covered face – she was often entrusted with the roles of a mature woman – but with talent, courage and perseverance, she built an enviable career alongside the best directors and actors of the day, and with her wit, when cinema considers no longer suitable for her, he has found the right direction In television, he devoted himself all over the world.

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