Young Shani and Noah at a rave, 85 year old grandma. Stories of those kidnapped by Hamas

Young Shani and Noah at a rave, 85 year old grandma.  Stories of those kidnapped by Hamas

There’s Shani, a tattoo artist with dual German-Israeli citizenship, who was at a dance party nearby Gaza strip When the attack started agitation. There’s Noa Argamani, a 25-year-old student, extending her arms towards her boyfriend while riding a motorcycle, shouting, “Don’t kill me.” There’s a video of an Israeli family of father and mother huddled together with their children crying in the background, and suddenly you scream, “It’s my child!” A girl is forcibly pushed, her arm bleeding, barefoot, into a truck while the gunmen photograph her as a souvenir. There are dozens of stories of women, men, children and the elderly being taken hostage by Hamas militiamen after the attack in Israel. The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing, says that they are being held in the organization’s tunnels in the Gaza Strip and in “safe houses.” But in the meantime, photos of the missing are circulating on social media, while desperate appeals are made from families. The Israeli army has established a crisis unit dedicated to collecting information about hostages (civilian and military) held by Hamas in Gaza, the exact number of whom is not yet known. General Lior Carmeli was placed at the head of the Temple. According to the army, the unit will have to prepare a situational picture of the hostages’ location. Some of these families have already received messages about their loved ones.

Hostages held in kibbutzim

The pictures that fill the Internet document the horror committed by the military wing of the Palestinian movement in the Gaza Strip in all villages and towns. Kibbutz Who found themselves within the radius of their hate-filled incursion. Israel was going to ask Egypt (where two Israeli tourists were killed this morning by a policeman) to mediate with Hamas to try to release Israeli citizens who were taken hostage by the militias during the attack. According to Israeli media, 750 citizens are missing. But it is difficult to point to an exact number because, as Egyptian officials and a Hamas member explained to the Wall Street Journal, it is not possible to contact the kidnappers.

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What is Hamas? Why does he attack Israel? What happened so far? questions and answers

Babies rave

Pictures of children dancing in the desert are spreading on social media Sukkot. Militiamen carrying machine guns fire at eye level, many fall to the ground trying to reach their vehicles to escape, and others are loaded into vehicles and taken away. Still others, like Jele Joskovic, pretended to be dead for several hours. like Shani Lok, a 30-year-old tattoo artist. the Hamas militants They filmed the scene with a smartphone, then posted it on the Internet, claiming that it was an “Israeli soldier”: in the video his body was half-naked, his legs were broken, and a man was spitting on his head. We hear “Allahu Akbar” which means “God is Great” in Arabic. Some of the boys were found and rescued: they arrived in the Nativot area and the Israeli army escorted them to a safe area.

Shani’s mother’s call

But Shani is not among them. His mother issued a desperate plea on social media: “My daughter Shani Nicole, a German citizen, was kidnapped by Hamas while she was participating with a group of tourists at a party in the south.” Israel – says Ricarda in a video on social media -. “They sent me a video in which I was able to recognize my daughter in the car, unconscious, with a group of Palestinians, crossing the streets of Gaza.” In the video message, the mother shows a photo of her 22-year-old daughter. The woman makes a call for help and asks for news about Her daughter showing her passport. The girl’s uncle, Winfried Gehr, told Bild newspaper that Nicole, along with her boyfriend, attended a music festival on a kibbutz.

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85-year-old grandmother taken hostage

But an Israeli woman posted on social media a photo of her 85-year-old grandmother who was held hostage by Hamas. “This is my grandmother. She was captured and taken to Gaza,” Adfa Adar wrote. “Her name is Yaffa Adar and she is 85 years old.” The woman was in one of the kibbutzim where armed men from the Hamas militia arrived.

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