USA: New Documents on Kennedy Assassination, Mexican Oswald Movements Released

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 – The fact that JF Kennedy is still missing from the assassination is yet to come, but there is no shortage of historically interesting documents in about 1,500 files released by the National Archives and Archives on the orders of the Biden administration. The transcripts, statements and notes, which are part of the largest archive of the November 22, 1963 presidential assassination in Dallas, and the 1992 order of the US Congress, are scheduled to be made fully public from 2017 onwards. Instead, Trump First and Biden today, citing national security concerns, have limited the spread: although more than 1,500 files have been leaked – more than 90% of the total documents available – many more testimonies have been censored or completely blocked. Public opinion and historians in frustration.

Despite the suspicion, the documents released contain interesting documents, such as a detailed report on the Mexican moves of Lee Harvey Oswald, the only culprit officially identified by the Warren Commission in the weeks leading up to the Dallas massacre. A CIA report has traced Hoswald’s contacts in Mexico City, where he entered the country on September 26, introducing himself as a photographer. In the following days Oswald went to the embassies of Cuba and the Soviet Union to obtain a visa to Odessa (after passing through Havana). After a series of contacts with Soviet ambassadors, including Deputy Prime Minister Valeriz Kostykov, in another document describing the KGB as an agent, Oswald returned to the United States on October 3, and nothing was known about the visa.

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The release comes two months after BIden decided to postpone the release of a series of documents aimed at protecting “military security, intelligence operations, law enforcement or conducting foreign relations.” . The new release of the documents has been postponed to December 15, 2022, to allow for a rigorous review of the remaining documents.

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