Disagreements with Netanyahu and Erdogan’s impudence. Thus, American diplomacy finds itself without weapons

Disagreements with Netanyahu and Erdogan’s impudence.  Thus, American diplomacy finds itself without weapons

New York – Turkish President Erdogan refused to meet with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, due to his anger at Washington’s support for Israel. Secretary of State Biden’s meeting with the head of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, which lasts less than an hour: a dialogue threatened by the opposition on the main issue of a ceasefire. He will meet the President of the United States, Israel’s only strategic ally, at the end of Monday Netanyahu’s sharp “no” to the request is not a ceasefire, but a temporary humanitarian truce in Gaza. Although the Pentagon urges the use of less destructive and more targeted weapons in Hamas’s underground corridors, nine hundred kilograms of bombs are still falling, the most powerful in Israel’s conventional arsenal, and which were never intended for use in urban warfare.

The US diplomatic offensive appears to have failed: The superpower is unable to get a course correction from the country it supports with about $4 billion worth of military supplies annually and suffers humiliation from the leader of a NATO partner country.

Joe Biden, convinced that future generations will remember him for his attempt to restore order in the West and in international relations after the turbulent Trump era, must take into account the limits of American ability to influence various areas of the world. world. The flames in the Middle East are exacerbating the Ukrainian problems, another conflict that should have defined its international political legacy.. Biden has defended Kiev’s independence, strengthened Western ties, relaunched and expanded NATO, and forced Putin to abandon his imperial goals, but now the war in Eastern Europe is stalled and the White House is caught between Zelensky, who refuses to compromise, and a Congress that supports him. They are finding it increasingly difficult to vote on military aid packages without seeing a path that could lead to an end to the conflict.

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In an increasingly multipolar world, with unscrupulous new regional powers (Turkey, which is a member of NATO but does not impose sanctions on Russia, talks to Putin but is supplying Ukraine with drones to use against Moscow based on technologies obtained from… Israel, which is now a sworn enemy) or ready. If non-state entities (Iran, which uses Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, and partly also Hamas) are used to launch “proxy” attacks, it will become increasingly difficult for America to maintain the balance of the international system. It is a system that survived the collapse of the Soviet empire, but has now been severely damaged by two factors: The gradual shift in the balance towards Asia and the Global South and the inability of the West to appreciate the importance of the global role, which is not limited only to the economy, but also to stability linked to respect for human rights. Democratic rights and values. We have tried to bring them (with little success) into tribal societies, while today, also thanks to digital technologies, we are moving towards the tribalism of democratic societies.

In such a conflicted and fragmented world, for the United States (dealing with allies who doubt Biden’s stability, while Moscow and Beijing wait for Trump’s return) it is important, even before conflicts are resolved, And avoid its extension and the involvement of US military forces stationed in the Middle East. Here, although it is going through a very negative phase, Blinken’s meetings with Arab countries and the Palestinian Authority may have contributed to attempts to prevent the mines planted by Hamas to ignite the fire in the Arab world from exploding more violently.

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