Volkswagen introduced the ID.2all concept car

Volkswagen introduced the ID.2all concept car

Dimensions and comparisons in the house

The ID 2’s dimensions are all typical of a compact car but it will still be able to offer a good load capacity thanks to a space ranging from 490 liters to 1330 liters ( And The possibility of transporting items up to 2.2 m long), with a double bottom and an additional compartment under the rear seat. Inside, however, it will be as spacious as a Golf, although its measurements are those of a Polo. ID.2 is actually 4.05 meters long, It is 1.81 meters wide and has a wheelbase of 2.6 meters.It is built on the Meb Entry platform and offers (unlike the “standard” Meb from the ID.3 and its older siblings) front-wheel drive and the integration of optional equipment typically found on cars in the higher segments, such as the Matrix light clusters LED IQ.Light and the Adas Travel Assist package.

Design inside and out

The design of the ID.2all is very close to that of zero-emission Volkswagens, yet it has distinct features that give it more personality. For example, the C-pillar is inspired by the first generation Golf (a reminder of the personality). little bit’ The interiors are more detached from tradition With separate controls for climate control and traditional infotainment volume control. You spot the key for driving mode selection and the inevitable 12.9-inch center display that offers an interface with fully reworked menus and two slots for wireless charging. Instead, the devices are housed in a 10.9-inch display but also visible from head-to-width.

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Technical features and target price

ID.2 Everyone has it Declared range of 450 kilometers (Wltp cycle) and a maximum power of 226 HP and capable of covering 0-100 km/h in 7 seconds. No word yet on battery capacity, but we do know that it takes 20 minutes to go from 10% to 80% charge with a fast pole. As far as the cost of purchase is concerned, Volkswagen’s goal is to offer it to the customer at a price An amount less than 25,000 euros. To stay on topic, from Wolfsburg they say they’re working on a smaller electric car for under €20,000.

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