Car insurance, with these tips you can save on cost: follow them and you will spend less

Car insurance, with these tips you can save on cost: follow them and you will spend less

Car insurance is one of those mandatory expenses if you own at least one car, but there are some ways to save.

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In addition to traditional household bills, thecar insurance It is one of the expenses that we cannot avoid paying in any way if we want to travel in complete peace in our car.

Almost all Italian families now own at least one, or even two or three, depending on the needs and the number of family members. Therefore, it can always be useful to know some ways that allow us to do this Saving Money. according to Sicurato.itBy following these tips, you can save up to 50% of the total price of auto policy.

How to save on car insurance

There was already a lot, but in recent years we have seen a clear spread of Insurance companies Also thanks to the new capabilities that the web offers.

We refer, in particular, to all those companies that provide their insurance services exclusively Online.

As mentioned Sicurauto.itSince there are no operating costs for a physical location, these companies can offer very beneficial rates to customers, even more than traditional rates.

Another solution that can save youinsurance Then it is from change company more or less often.

In fact, prices can vary every year. Of course, for those who always rely on the same company, it is difficult for the amount to change much, and it is instead likely that they will spend the same amount for many years, but for new customers Offers It can be affordable.

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car insurance
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Therefore, with every change in the company, the savings Can not be indifferent. In this regard, it may be a particularly useful suggestion to consult the sites where possible Compare different offers Available.

This way, you will have an overview of the file the prices Suggested by different companies, so you can choose cheaper solution.

However, at the selection stage, you can get additional benefits in terms of spending by selecting i Services The ones that matter the most to you, like the wrecker in case it breaks down while traveling or GPS to track the car in case of theft.

Furthermore, it is possible for a company to offer you one or more of these same services in a bundle without intentionally specifying them. If you don’t care, you might want to check if it can be cancelled. make a policy Without the pluses that you consider useless, in some cases, it will allow you to Save big money.

Then it will be required to select a file repeat and the Payment method or payment. If you choose to pay the policy on an annual basis, you will almost always notice that the total price to be paid will be lower than if you decided on the semiannual option.

In addition, some companies offer additional benefits if you choose to pay with credit or debit card Instead of cash at the workplace.

family responsibility

Finally, it is worth noting that when buying a new car, perhaps for a child, wife, or other family member, it is possible to apply the so-called Bersani’s law (or RC . family), which statesMerit class inheritance.

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car insurance
Car insurance: the way to save (Ansa Photo)

In essence, it proves that it is possible to transfer a category of merit from an already insured, and therefore more advantageous, vehicle to a new vehicle, without necessarily having to move from the latter category which involves very high costs. However, to enforce it, you have to pay close attention to two Requirements.

First, this law applies only if the vehicle to be insured has a benefit class lower than the one already insured. Secondly, the two cars must belong to the same class, therefore, a car with a car and a motorcycle with a motorbike and so on.

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