This table with two yellow outdoor chairs is the most requested at IKEA

This table with two yellow outdoor chairs is the most requested at IKEA

IKEA It launched a product that caused a lot of outrage. The collection is ideal for those looking for a practical and elegant solution for their small spaces, such as balconies and terraces, and is an ideal choice for home use and companies that need flexible and functional furniture.

It’s about SUNDSÖ table set with 2 outdoor chairs In addition, its foldable design makes it easy to store, making it an ideal choice for home use and businesses that need flexible and practical furniture.

The perfect collection from IKEA to complement small space balconies and terraces

he SUNDSÖ collection IKEA Stand out for her Easy storage. Thanks to its foldable ability, you can store it without taking up much space when you don’t need it. This feature is especially valuable for those who live in apartments or houses with small balconies, allowing you to make the most of every available centimeter.

Measurements of Garden table IKEA They are ideal for compact spaces. With offer 65 cmOther than that 4 cmLength 96 cm And weight 7.98 kgThe table is large enough to provide space for working or dining, but small enough so as not to overwhelm the available space. Its sturdy design ensures that it maintains great stability and durability, despite being foldable.

Outdoor table set with 2 chairs SUNDSÖ / Ikea

You can buy it now at IKEA

the Sitting chairs That accompanies the table was also designed with practicality in mind. They measure it 43 cm wide, 6 cm wideI Its length is 96 cmwith weight 5.15 kg Each. These dimensions allow the chairs to be comfortable and easy to transport or store. With its vibrant yellow colour, the entire collection adds a touch of cheer and freshness to any outdoor environment.

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Another great feature of this set IKEA Is this the Material Used, does not require maintenance. This means you won’t have to worry about sanding, painting or weatherproofing your furniture. Just enjoy using it without additional complications.

It costs less than 122 euros at IKEA

the SUNDSÖ table and chairs IKEA They are coming HintsWhich means you won’t have to spend time putting the pieces together. This aspect is especially useful for those who do not like DIY or simply want to enjoy their new furniture immediately after purchase. And if the yellow color doesn’t convince you, you can also choose it in grey, green or orange.

Outdoor table set with 2 chairs SUNDSÖ / Ikea

Moreover, this set is not only ideal for home, but also suitable for commercial use. If you have a café, restaurant, or other type of establishment with an outdoor area, this set can be an excellent addition that combines function and style without requiring a major maintenance effort.

Finally, price 121,99 euros It makes this set an affordable option for those looking for quality and design without breaking the bank. the SUNDSÖ table and chair set It is a smart investment for those who want to maximize their outdoor spaces in a practical and stylish way. You can buy it in physical IKEA stores and on its website.

Prices for this item updated as of May 29, 2024

You can buy it now at IKEA

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