Vocational training | Why is studying vocational qualification a guarantee of success at work? That’s what the companies say

Vocational training |  Why is studying vocational qualification a guarantee of success at work?  That’s what the companies say

the Vocational Training (VET) It leaves behind the stigma of being the qualification earned by those who are of no use to study. Take an FP course Currently one of the best guarantees of job placement. This is one of the reasons that explains the growth in the number of students choosing this type of degree, according to data from The Ministry of EducationHe’s gone from acting To 28.64% of those enrolled in post-compulsory education in the 2016-2017 academic year, to 33.67% in the 2021-2022 academic year..

a catalonia, FP added this year 8,000 more students than last yearAccording to data State Department of Education. Not only that, although they all increased the number of students enrolled,… The high school lost more than 1,000 students. Employment data shows the success of the model: 54.49% of vocational education and training graduates found work nine months after graduation.

Why do companies want VET graduates?

“We look for knowledge and attitude. The latter more than the former. In our experience, students who leave the Foundation Program are more focused, in addition to having a determined attitude and very clear goals,” he explains. Eric NebotChief Marketing Officer D Webempresa.com, a company specialized in providing marketing and web solutions for companies. It matches him in the attitude aspect Ramon Perezfounding director of Dentistry and Implantology UnitThis also highlights his “constant desire to learn.”

Both companies have one Practice agreement with Medak, The leading vocational education and training institute in Spain Which, in addition to offering more than 50 degrees onlinetea Two centers in the province of Barcelona: One in Barcelona, ​​in historical Roger de Urrea Institute From Sardinia Street; And another A Hospital de LlobregatThe new headquarters will be located on Miguel Hernandez Street in the municipality.

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Why is it important to do corporate training?

The two companies also confirm that A practical vision par excellence Of FP students advantage. For this reason, the training provided at centers like MEDAC is important, but above all Students connect with the world of work through internships. “At this stage they gain the confidence and independence to do things on their own, and there is no better way to learn than by making mistakes,” Nebot points out.

in it Health care sectorFor example, practices are essential. “When they finish, you see a huge development. In the health sector, they have to become very methodical professionals, both to manage materials and resources, which are very expensive, and also to ensure the safety of the patient and themselves,” says Perez.

FP has better recruitment

Training can also lead to one Employment contract. In the case of the Dentistry and Implantology Unit, its founder explains, three of the seven employees were trainees. “If a vacancy arises, I will first hire a student who has done an internship with us, because he knows how we work, has more confidence and is familiar with our methodology, timelines and conditions,” adds the Marketing Manager at Webempresa.com.

Specifically, the ICT and Health branches are among the top branches with the best job opportunities in Catalonia. The first rate was 66.83% in higher education and the second rate was 61.72%. Demand will continue to grow in the future. They will be needed in Catalonia 124,149 FP professionals will qualify over the next three yearsAccording to expectations Promotion of work; I 800,000 before 2030according to the general ones.

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Official vocational training qualifications in Barcelona

Medak has 17 intermediate and higher official degrees From families health careadministration Management, information and communication technology, trade and marketing In central Barcelona. The supply is growing even 50 in its “online” mode.. Spain’s leading VET institute has a flexible model that emphasizes labor market needs and practical learning prominently.

“Our programs are designed to prepare students to join the workforce with confidence and relevant skills. We provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation to ensure your future employability,” explains MEDAC. This model actually has more From 50,000 qualified students in 47 centers distributed throughout Spain. Training must be included Guaranteed professional practices, Teaching focuses on emotional skills such as independence, teamwork or leadershipAnd state-of-the-art facilities with everything you need.

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