“El Tenoriu” will join Buenafuente Theater and Sílvia Abril

“El Tenoriu” will join Buenafuente Theater and Sílvia Abril

Andrew Buenafuente and Silvia Abril will make their theater debut together with El Tenoriu, a classic of Catalan humor based on the drama Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla. Renowned comedians Marie Saintpierre and Joan Capri made watching this satire a tradition in the 1970s, and another comedian, Carles Sans, a versatile tricycle-turned-monologue, will direct this revival with a play by Israel Sola (La Calorica). Empowering female characters and presenting their point of view. The production is scheduled to be shown next season at the Poliorama Theater, where it will be from November 4 to 24, as announced by the El Terrat website.

Buenafuente and April, a couple in real life, have so far only appeared together in the same show in front of television cameras, but next season they are preparing to do so in the theater, giving life to Don Juan and Doña Inés in this satirical work. It would be a tribute to Saintbury and Capri. Tickets are already on sale at Teatrepoliorama.com.

El Tenoriu will return on Halloween, fulfilling a lost tradition, with Sílvia Abril turning into Doña Inés and Andreu Buenafuente as Don Juan. The starting point of the play is their nightmare, in which the ghosts of Saint Pierre and Capri appear to criticize them for not performing the play. Faced with the threat of not being allowed to sleep again if they do not restore the tradition, April and Buenafuente choose to prepare to play the famous heroes in a dramatic religious play unknown to young people and much of today’s audience.

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Female look

Buenafuente returned to the stage as a monologue with The Radio That Born Me at Teatro Victoria. April, in turn, was a few months ago at the same theater where El Tenoriu, starring Esperant Mr., would be shown. crazy

In this new version of Solà, women’s sexual desire takes center stage by showing characters who – like men – are able to be moved by the animal instinct of pleasure and by a feeling as high as love. “The work returns to Zorrilla’s original work to rescue episodes from the original plot and create new contemporary gags, in order to achieve two main goals: that people can follow the original plot of the work and enjoy the beauty of some memorable passages, such as ‘That’s not true, angel of love…’ .., but at the same time I can laugh at the parodies of Stracanada and the new parts and new comedic situations that speak, imitating the writings and performances of the Golden Century. To us from this day,” Sola said in a press release to El Terrat.

Carles Sans is not about to admit it: “I won the lottery, not to do Tenorio’s work, which I know as well as anyone else, but to be able to work and build together, from our extensive experience in the world of ‘humor.’” Tenorio may or may not resemble Zorrilla. ‘But what I’m sure of is that Zorrilla would be pissed laughing if he could see our results.’

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