Heating the bathroom in the winter with economical alternatives

Heating the bathroom in the winter with economical alternatives

Let’s see how to heat the bathroom during the winter and make up for the annoying feeling of cold with economical alternatives

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You have hot shower in a winter It is a mandatory condition to increase the level of well-being of the individual. Especially when you get up early in the morning, enter a A cold environment can be uncomfortable and put you in a bad mood.

The radiator Sometimes it fails to meet the heat needs of a particular room such as bathroom. The stovet accommodate fan heaters If they are used too often, they can lead to dangerous fermentation in energy bills. In light of the past Rising prices It’s not really good.

How to heat a bathroom without using electronic gadgets

As a result, it’s nice to find some Valid alternative (Click here for useful ones to make the whole house warm), which corresponds to both Ease or convenience who – which Reliable. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to take into account some criteria such asEnvironmental thermal insulation and the bathroom size same.

I fan heaters At the time of purchase they seem to be the best solution as they do not include who knows any cost. The problem is in the long run. Prolonged use has very important effects on consumption and therefore additional charges on the bill.

surely 800W electric radiator is more convenient. For heating a bath of approximately 15-18 square meters, taking into account the average cost in the bill of 0.22 € / kWh, about 0.20 € per hour will be consumed. Another favorite is the chronostat that allows you to set the switching on and off according to the preferred time interval, and is synonymous with thrift.

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There is another option, also very useful for solving the space problem, which is Infrared radiant panel. Taking into account the same surface as in the previous example, a 400 watt panel.

In this case it is savings It will be bigger and at the same time too heat perception It will be almost instant. In fact, infrared radiation does not heat the air, but rather the objects on which it is placed directly.

The range of possibilities is very large. There is still some time to adjust before the real comes Winter cold. Hence, it is good to chop.

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