It is on top of the world, and has been classified as the most expensive cheese ever

It is on top of the world, and has been classified as the most expensive cheese ever

There are thousands of types of cheese, many of which can be bought cheaply and others of which are more expensive. Do you know what is the most expensive cheese ever?

Surely this has happened to you when you walk through the supermarket aisles and wonder why cheese is so expensive? The truth is, it’s not just about supply and demand; How to make cheese. It takes a lot of time, effort and skill to turn milk into a good, nutrient-rich product. Each cheese has its own recipe, ingredients, and maturation period, which makes it unique and special. Did you know that some cheeses are so rare and valuable that they can cost a fortune? Let’s see some of them.

Some expensive cheeses

If you’re passionate about cheese, you might be interested to know that there are special and rare types of cheese that really cost a fortune Head eye And it’s not really affordable for everyone.

For example, have you ever heard of… Poly cheese? It is a cheese made from the milk of donkeys that live in the Balkans, one of the regions of Eastern Europe.

These donkeys are very few and are protected in a nature reserve in Serbia. There, they feed only on clean and healthy grass, without any kind of pesticides. To make one kilo of this cheese, we need 25 liters of milk, at a cost of 40 euros each. This is why Peul cheese is one of the most expensive cheeses in the world, because if you want to buy it, you have to pay for it. 1000 euros per kilo!

Cheese –

Another expensive cheese is mousse cheese. There is a farm in Sweden where they breed Three, you read that right, just three, a female moose Who gives the milk to make this cheese. These moose can only be milked in the summer, when they are calmer and happier. Thus it is produced every year Only 240 kilograms This cheese has a delicate and creamy flavour. It costs 770 euros per kilo.

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Here is the most expensive cheese ever

The cheese in question is Queso de CabralesIt is a soft blue cheese that comes from northern Spain. It is considered the finest cheese in the world, and therefore the most expensive, and was recently sold at auction for just over $32,000, thus establishing a new brand. Guinness World Records.

The most expensive cheese ever

The most expensive cheese ever –

The whole wheel of this cheese weighs about three kilograms and was produced Guillermo Bendas, A cheese maker matured cheese for 10 months in a cave located about 1,400 meters above sea level. the Queso de Cabrales It had already set a similar record in 2019, when a similar figure was sold at auction for 30,000 euros, surpassing the previous record.

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