Toyota C-HR: Orders are open in Italy. Prices and equipment

The Japanese brand announces the opening of orders for the second generation of… Toyota HRC. Sophisticated design, advanced technologies and a range of engines hybrid And Plug-in hybrid Capable of covering greater distances in all-electric mode, these are the salient features of the new system C-HR. Developed starting from the hybrid system Toyota Fifth generation, the range includes four different types of hybrid engines. entry copy, C-HR 1.8 With a total power of 140 hp it combines a 1798 cc 4-cylinder engine with 98 hp and an electric unit with 94 hp. Up there C-HR 2.0It’s still front-wheel drive, but with a 1,987 cc engine with 152 hp flanked by a 111 hp electric motor for a total power of 198 hp. alternative Plug-in hybrid Front-wheel drive with a total power of 223 hp obtained with increased performance of the permanent magnet motor capable of developing 163 hp. Finally the version with Four-wheel driveor the Hybrid 2.0 With the system I would like to Which adds a 41-horsepower rear electric motor. New arrival to the agency Toyota HRC The Hev engines are scheduled to launch in December, while the Phev versions will arrive in March 2024.


the new Toyota HRC Featuring seven trim levels: active, Environmental trend, trends, Lounge, GR Sports, First showroom And GR Sports Premiere. The latter two will be available exclusively in the first months of marketing the model. And create activetogether with the 1.8 Hev engine, represents the gateway to the world of the C-HR: the Toyota Safety Sense active safety system, 17-inch alloy wheels and the Smart Connect multimedia system with 8-inch display. trends The alloy wheels, again but 18 inches, add the Smart Connect multimedia system with 12-inch screen and tinted rear windows. Complete equipment for the car Lounge With 19-inch wheels, a panoramic roof and an electric tailgate GR Sports It is available exclusively with the 2.0 Hev AWD-i and 2.0 Phev engines, a sports suspension and 19-inch wheels. Environmental trend It is exclusively for the 2.0 Phev engine and falls within the ecobonus range for full electric vehicles and can benefit from government incentives allocated to it. Finally, releases complete the offer First showroom And GR Sports Premiere Available exclusively during launch and in combination with Hev, Hev AWD-i and Hev 2.0L engines.

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the prices

New price list Toyota HRC Starting from 35,700 euros 1.8 active hif To reach 51,900 2.0 Phev GR Sport Premiere. Motors 2.0 HIF It starts at a list price of €41,200 with setup trends, while the AWD-i intelligent all-wheel drive system has an additional cost of 2,500 euros. The engine display is closed 2.0 FFF Which is under construction Environmental trendThe list price is 43,700 euros. During the launch period across the entire new collection Toyota HRC There is a discount of 3,750 euros in case of exchange or scrappage and financing Toyota Easy Next. Regarding the version 2.0 FFF Under construction Environmental trend The discount rises to 6,750 euros thanks to com. ecobonus state In case of scrapping, which reduces the price to 36,950 euros.

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