How much does it cost to eat at Alessandro Borghese Restaurant? beyond belief!

How much does it cost to eat at Alessandro Borghese Restaurant?  beyond belief!
How much does it cost to eat at Alessandro Borghese restaurant? Facebook Photo/Alessandro Borghese

We took a peek at the menu of Alessandro Borghese’s “Luxury of Simplicity” restaurant to see how much the dishes prepared by the well-known chef cost.

Alessandro Borghese is one of the most famous chefs in Italy, having participated in several TV shows dedicated to cooking. Chef conquered the general public thanks to his sympathy and informal ways in which he plays the role of conductor and judge in his shows.

Born in San Francisco, USA. Son of Barbara Pochett and Luigi BorgheseAfter graduating from the American Overseas School in Rome, young Alessandro began his apprenticeship aboard cruise ships, before landing in Kitchens of London, San Francisco and Paris.

Back in Italy, where he takes Bartending diplomaBorghese leaves again to New Yorkthen settles again in Italy, where he started work as a chef in different restaurants, In parallel with his activity as a consultant in the catering sector.

there Television career began in 2005 With software produced by Magnolia, Compliments to guests. Quick converts empathy, competence and passion borghese in a star And invites to participate in many successful programs, including 4 restaurantsAnd Junior MasterchefAnd Italian chefs. Among the most recent offers, “Celebrity Chef”in which personalities from the world of entertainment compete in the kitchen, filmed at Alessandro Borghese’s restaurant in Milan.

How much does it cost to eat at Alessandro Borghese Restaurant?

Alessandro Borghese has two specific restaurants “Luxury of simplicity”was first opened in Milan In 2017 the second A.J Veniceopened in 2022. Despite the great fame Neither has yet achieved a Michelin star Even if there is no shortage of success with the crowd curious flocking to sample Borghese dishes.

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“Luxury of simplicity” It is certainly an upscale restaurant, but the prices make less noise than those in other restaurants of many VIP chefs. Choose the cheapest dishes on the menu For just over €70 per person, you can get by for an appetizer, first course, second course and dessert (excluding drinks and service). Opting for the more expensive dishes instead, you spend about 160 euros per person for the same courses, always excluding service and drinks. .

The luxury of happiness is the name of Alessandro Borghese’s restaurants in Milan Photo Facebook / The luxury of happiness

Alessandro Borghese restaurant menu

Let’s take a deeper look at Alessandro Borghese’s eclectic menu “Luxury of simplicity” From Milan. The first impression is that of a completely varied menu between sea and land with 6-7 alternatives for each dish. Among the antipasti we find from Soublé telephone, with chicken, sausage and mozzarella from Agerola (20 euros) to mountain fish, grilled pike with salmon roe and trout (39 euros).

The former range of classics Cheese and black pepper (25 euros) Ai Burnt wheat ravioli with cod, cassis and olives (32 euros). Among the latter, we go from the least expensive Roasted cauliflower With cream vinaigrette, peanut butter and tamarind (27 euros) al Guinea fowl roll and red shrimp (39 euros). the candies They all cost around €20, but even here you can choose between the very classic tiramisu revisited with a modern key, and even more refined experiences like risola with saffron.

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