Because it can no longer be hidden

Because it can no longer be hidden

Charlene Monaco She will be pregnant with her third child. The princess’s recent public appearance on the occasion of Christmas has convinced many that she is pregnant again, to the point where she can no longer hide the suspicious shapes. After all, there have been rumors of an imminent pregnancy in the Palazzo for a few months, especially since Alberto’s wife has recovered after the serious illness that befell her in 2021.

Charlene of Monaco is pregnant with her third child.

There will be many evidence collected that will confirm Carrying Charlene Monaco. She will have the lovely second expectation but third child, because she and Alberto have twins, Jacques and Gabriella.

In particular, it is the magazine that insists that rumors about pregnancy are true OK! who returned the clues it Now they will leave no more doubts. These latest versions of Princess may be about the Christmas holidays. The action opens with the opening of the Christmas Village in Monte Carlo, which Charlene attends with Alberto and their children.

First of all, the former swimmer She looked as smiling and radiant as everIt was as if the darkness that had finally fallen upon her due to the grave infection that had nearly died had finally been torn apart. And to seal an end to this dark period, the birth of a baby would be the best thing that could happen.

Charlene from Monaco, hands on belly

Charlene appeared on the date with Electric blue cape coatQuite large and therefore a strategy to camouflage any suspicious shapes. But it is not the size of the outer clothing that suggests this pregnantbut rather a gesture that never does: that of Protect your belly He puts his hands on her as if to protect and cover her. Gesture according to body language experts is typical for a pregnant woman. Among the famous examples, we can mention Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

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Charlene from Monaco, the kiss with Alberto

Even earlier, the princess was particularly affectionate towards her husband and Alberto reciprocated in a very obvious way, Quietly kissing his wife, under the satisfied gaze of her sister, Stephanie, who is about to become a grandmother for the first time. Here is the second test.

Then Charlene shows her motherly side, almost ostentatious. The princess has always been shown as a very attentive mother, very close to her children, also aware of the fact that they have a well-defined destiny, with duties that they must take upon themselves from an early age. After all, they were only 8 years old.

But if some time ago, Charlene seemed to be protecting herself behind the twins, on the contrary, she has completely returned to her role as a mother, supporting her children. And he somehow proved it Very noticeable during Christmas events.

Charlene from Monaco, a very affectionate mom at Louis Vuitton

Also in the appointment associated with the 40th anniversary of the presidency of the Red Cross. The princess appeared in a gray Louis Vuitton tweed suit, shirt and skirt which although form fitting was perfect To avoid focusing on the waist concealment of the alleged pregnancy.

Charlene paired the ensemble with heavy black tights and black pumps, also from Louis Vuitton. Again Alberto’s wife hid her belly with her hands and again appeared attentive to Jacques and Gabriella. The latter was very pretty with a candy pink look, signature Emporio Armani. The little pink and white shoes by Lanvin, which she wears with her milky white socks, are gorgeous.

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