Vlahovic “Bastián dissenting”: Commisso in the check, between Europe and a legacy of defense. And Juventus… | first page

Sometimes it can be really strange to realize how the market outlook can change in a few weeks. we take Dusan VlahovicAnd let’s set up a file The campaign launched by Fiorentina in early OctoberWith the announcement of the attacker refused to renew the contract. attitudes Serbian and Purple Society, before and after CheckpointAnd They literally flipped, as well as the performance of the young Viola Nine, which went from fluctuations to the stratosphere.

no thanks – In the summer, Vlahovic was ready to take a big leap in direction Atletico Madrid, this is the only team that, so far, was actually within reach About 60 million euros plus bonuses. An agreement was reached with the player, but Fiorentina decided to stand in his way, deeply convinced to renew the contract even by pushing for offers unprecedented in the club’s history. very high numbers5 million a year), but not enough to get a signature. As soon as we received “No, thanks” from Vlahovich’s entourage, we quickly witnessed the complete reversal of prospects.

parallel right – If Fiorentina, frustrated with their attacker’s behaviour, decide to put it up for sale immediately to collect as much as possible from their January sale, perhaps abroad, Number 9 Meanwhile, more than anyone else in Italy, He planted his cleats in Florence, with the dual aim of making a farewell gift to the club that launched him, dragging him to Europe, and waiting for June and with Italy’s top players, Juventus in the lead. Practically speaking, the wishes of the club and the athlete were exchanged within a few months, as if they were playing Bastian the opposite., to differ side by side. Komiso feels somewhat caught up in this predicament, repeats that Fiorentina is the owner of the Vlahovic card, but In the absence of an agreement, he knows that he can only influence his star’s future to a certain extent In the “far westIt came to be created.

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Advice – He definitely plays a key role in the story World Cup Qatar 2022, for which Serbia, also thanks to Vlahovic, broke the pass at the expense of Portugal. Changing leagues less than a year before the event is a risk Doosan prefers to avoid. And not just him. In fact, Serbia coach Dragan Stojkovic He publicly stated that in his opinion Vlahovic should change teams, but remain in Serie A. Advice the attacker can hardly ignore. However, this does not discourage the British suitors, and on top of them Tottenham Conte and Parachi, certainly reassures hopes You are, in a really complicated moment on and off the field. and that”Call me if you need(later omitted), “Call me if you need,” accompanied, among other things, with the emoji of a man and a woman (man and woman? No one can say for sure) only adds spice to the A TV series that is set to run for a long time to come.

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