“Two reinforcements in January so that he does not lose the Champions League”

journalist Rafael Orima He commented on his YouTube channel the Naples moment with the background of the January market: “There have been many mistakes on the part of the coach in the last period, who still had to deal with very few accidents in this period. Really negative average in December, which needs a full review of what the future will be like. We have to deal with a combination of factors: for Napoli, the African Cup started a month before the joint injuries of Anguise, Osumene and Koulibaly. Now they will go to Cameroon to compete, on January 6 there will be a Turin match against Juventus and enough staff will be needed.

So watch out for the market… We need a central defender to be bought on January 1st who will replace Manolas numerically, to be put into the squad immediately, not to mention the left winger. Mario Rui has been left out of the Turin match, with which team will you play against Juventus? And above all if we thought a team made up of Betania, Juan Jesus, Malcuit and Demi, did we ever say that this team could fight for the Scudetto? Absolutely not, these are great alternatives but you can’t always bet on them. Today, Napoli is not the substitute on the bench, which is why from January 1 it is necessary to embody the staff. If you manage to terminate Gollam’s contract, you can go to Lil and order Mandava six months in advance. These are essential moves to reject others who are not in the Champions League now. It will also be key how the story goes with Insigne, Lorenzo will not stay with Napoli. There will be no agreement and it is not easy in human terms that the team you have always played for does not want you anymore.”

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