Best rivalries in college football

The love for football among people of America is apparent. They are fond of watching the game, especially at the amateur level. It is because resonating with a college is easy. These teams are about the community and historical traditions.

 In some regions, college football is more popular than the NFL. Again, a connection between the school and the values is the biggest reason.

We see rivalries at the top level, big boys going at each other, showing tempers on the field, fans calling out other players or additional force in tackling. In college football, it is more about territorial rivalries, the history between the colleges, current success, and the coaches involved with the teams.

All these rivalries are a serious matter for fans, but it does not alleviate the sportsman spirit. Some rivalries go back over 100 years, and the same traditions are still being followed. Mostly, the big games are the playoffs or the finals, but sometimes, a match between two arch rivals competing is known as the big game.

The following are some biggest rivalries in college football. These are not ranked in any order.

Michigan and Ohio

One of the greatest rivalries goes back to 1897. These two Midwestern giants have been at each other in every game. The temperatures are over the roof, and each team is expected to win. 

These types of games attract more audiences than a playoff match. Many times the match has been held in Ann Arbor despite Michigan having the biggest stadium in North America.

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The Wolverines and the Buckeyes meet around Thanksgiving weekend. It adds fuel to the rivalry as fans despair over one another. In overall 117 meetings, Michigan leads with 59 matches to 51. Last year, Michigan increased its lead with a win.

Alabama and Auburn

The infamous Iron Bowl is played between the two powerhouses from the south of America. Their rivalry started over a political issue in 1893. Since then, the feud between the teams has been brutal. 

Apart from the players and coaches, the fans don’t like each other, and they go to any extent to support their respective teams or bash the opponents. Both teams have met 86 times, and the Alabama Crimson Tide is leading with 48 to 37.

Army and Navy

Outside the stadium, both are branches of the U.S. military. Whereas in the field, there is a fierce rivalry between the two. It is not about records and proving greatness. This feud is inclined toward respect and culture. 

Both teams have been battling since 1890. The match day is considered to be the military’s famous athletic event. Navy is leading the overall record with 62-53, including a win last season.

Oklahoma and Texas

The fight of the Wild West is also known as the Red Silver showdown. It is one of the fiercest rivalries in NCAA football, dating back to 1900. Even in the NCAAF betting, the odds could not tell the favorite to win when both teams are in form. 

In total meetings of 117 matches, Texas leads with 62-50. Besides, the winner receives a golden hat, and it stays with the team until the next match. The honor and prestige are on the line when two mammoths collide.

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Georgia and Florida

A nickname for one of the biggest battles in college football makes matches more interesting. The match between Bulldogs and Gators is called World’s largest outdoor cocktail party. The Southeast rivalry is always special and matches go to the wire. Georgia leads the overall record 54-44. 

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