Merit his girlfriend: “They wished us the worst and now they are apologizing”

Merit his girlfriend: “They wished us the worst and now they are apologizing”

The words of goalkeeper Deborah Romano

Deborah Romano, Alex’s girlfriend MerrittLugo’s social media post went viral after contract renewal. The Napoli goalkeeper partner has beaten those who have filled Alex with insults and is now trying to apologise. Holy words that girl who had to silently endure the constant abuse that also aroused Son. Fortunately, time is a gentleman, and Merritt and her family have removed the pebbles from their shoes.

Social function of a girlfriend Merritt:

“Many people have the courage to describe you as not knowing you, they have had the courage to wish the worst things to you, me, our son and now they are apologizing! In this period, where social networks seem to be the main network for expressing your opinion, I wonder if these people really exist, I wonder if it is possible that rudeness and malice were so present!However, I also had the support of people who never questioned you and who have always been since day one You have always been silent, keep working and show maturity and education, skills you have never lacked! You had incredible mental strength and never stopped believing in yourself!You got this rejuvenation after a tough period and now you have the opportunity to prove your worth, you are doing really well, so keep it up!We are so proud of you..and you know, for us, you Better. “

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