Viviani: Stop in the US before leaving Australia

Viviani: Stop in the US before leaving Australia

Elia Viviani travels to Milan. Today (Thursday for those reading) he has appointments that fall on one of those dreary autumn days, when no light passes through the thick gray clouds. It has nothing to do with the sunny days that the United States experiences, between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

“First I have a Garmin event,” he says from the car, “and then I’ll be a guest on a radio broadcast. “I left early, around eight, and the weather was bad in Munich too, so these commitments fit in well (jokingly says the editor).”

Elia Viviani ended the season with a stage win at the Tour of Guangxi
Elia Viviani ended the season with a stage win at the Tour of Guangxi

Few holidays

Season of hostility Enos And it ended late, In late October at the Tour of Guangxi where he won the first stage. Once you got back it was time to get dressed, there were some weddings that couldn’t be missed.

«Firstly, Simone Concioni With Alice – He says – Then the one between Elisa and Jacopo (Longo Borghini and Mosca, ed.). We had a lot of fun, but Elena and I (Cecchini, ed.) couldn’t have a real vacation. We went to Sharm El Sheikh for only one week and no more. Considering I would be starting the season in Australia in January, the time available was very short. Moreover, back in Australia from February 2 to 4, there is a stage of the Track World Cup. It was my decision to finish late and start earlyAs I got older, I thought it was better not to take too long a break, two weeks is ideal.”

We’ve seen you riding with Elena in the States, but before that you were at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas…

Yes, let’s say we combined business with pleasure. There was the possibility of going to see the Grand Prix in Las VegasOnce that was done, we also decided to bring the bikes with us for training. I was still in that preparatory period where I was doing no specific work, but a lot of low-intensity hours.

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What is your experience in the world of Formula One?

We’ve never seen a race before, even though we live in Monaco. This opportunity came about thanks to friends who work in this world and we jumped at the chance. Elena and I know Fabrizio Borra, Fernando Alonso’s physiotherapist, as well as Stefano Domenicali, Formula One president, whom we thank for this experience. There was plenty of space for exercise, but equally for entertaining. Las Vegas was full of celebrities like Rihanna and David Beckham. Between qualifying and races, the performances were non-stop. Concerts, fireworks and everything else…

Two days of total immersion?

Of course, we were also in the Alfa Romeo garage Thanks to Tiffany Cromwell who was Elena’s teammate She is the girlfriend of driver Valtteri Bottas. We tested the qualifications from the inside, with headphones on, breathing in the atmosphere of the track. Some of the mechanics even recognized me and wanted to take pictures with me.

Have you ever seen anything like this in cycling?

It happened Six Days of Ghent is very close to what we saw in Las Vegas, where in addition to the race, the audience experiences many different moments. Down the road, maybe I’ll tell you about the Tour of Flanders. Even then, the race is run several times on the same roads and the organization shows incredible hospitality. During the hour of waiting for the race, shows and much more are organized.

Viviani and Cecchini jumped at the opportunity to bike on new roads: those around Los Angeles
Viviani and Cecchini jumped at the opportunity to bike on new roads: those around Los Angeles
Once the race was over you set about cycling for a week, how was that?

Really beautiful. We moved to Los Angeles, where I was in 2013 with Cannondale for a team presentation. In addition, some of my colleagues often go there during vacations, We actually met Thomas and biked together. The roads are incredibly beautiful, and the Venice Beach bike path is postcard perfect. Then you just had to move in and there was no traffic. Elena and I promised ourselves we would spend two weeks cycling in those parts.

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How is the training going?

Well, since last week I’ve changed my pace. The first period is from the beginning of November until the 20th. I gradually increased the number of hours at low intensity. Even in America I added some climbs to the exits, but it was done in a gentle way. From November 20 to December 4, the date I will be leaving for the retreat, I increased the pace but not by much.. I have three blocks of work that I will need to change gears.

Cecchini and Viviani follow Thomas to discover the streets around Los Angeles
Cecchini and Viviani follow Thomas to discover the streets around Los Angeles
During the same period there was a retreat for the national team in Noto. Did you and Villa discuss your possible absence?

None of the main riders were present at the resort in Noto, it was a meeting place to lay the foundations of the route, intended in particular for women, children under 23 and those competing on the continents. Even in the December retreats, we WT riders will spend more time with the teams. The first meeting that we are all invited to attend is the meeting before Christmas, from December 20 to 23.. In this case, Villa will not allow the absence.

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