Moldova: $300 million in aid to face the energy crisis – Politics

Moldova: $300 million in aid to face the energy crisis – Politics
(ANSA – MULBRESS) – ROME, FEBRUARY 25 – The United States, through its international cooperation agency USAID, intends to provide an additional $300 million in aid to Moldova to help the Eastern European republic overcome a serious energy crisis and become independent from Russia. Energy sources: The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, and the US Ambassador to Chisinau, Kent Logsdon, were announced, citing the Moldovan Presidential Office. Usaid’s intent was reported yesterday by the administrator, Samantha Power, to Alam. The financing includes – as noted in the note – a direct slice of the budget of $80 million to offset the exorbitant expenditures incurred by Moldova due to high energy prices, and another $135 million to fund power generation projects. Finally, the last part of 85 million will finance the search for alternative sources, including renewable ones, to obtain greater energy independence from Russia.

“Even if they do not enter the state budget immediately, this money is a sign of support and encouragement for us,” emphasized President Sandhu, thanking the United States (ANSA-MOLDPRES).

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