Putin has made up his mind and Europe is on the brink of war.

Yes Complicating the situation in Ukrainewith the Russia that seems increasingly bent on intervening in the war. The confirmation came shortly before the Vice President of the United States Kamala Harriswho said during a press conference on the Munich Security Conference, referring to the invasion of Ukraine: “We think Putin made his decision. period,” adding that Europe is on the verge of a possible “war.”

These words come after the words of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnsonwho said in an interview with the BBC that Russia is too “Planning for Europe’s largest war since 1945”. NATO Secretary General increases the dose, Jens StoltenbergWhich believes that Russia is planning a “large-scale” attack on Ukraine and this is confirmed by the fact that it is “not withdrawing its forces” as it claimed in recent days. “The risk of a Russian attack on Ukraine is very high,” he said in an interview with German radio, then outlined “alarming signs of increasing violations of the ceasefire (in Donbass, ed.), false reports of alleged genocide in separatist-controlled areas and the evacuation of residents of the region. to Russia “.

Michel: Putin hoped to divide us, but Europe is united

The Kremlin hoped to split and weaken our alliance. They did just the opposite. Our unity has been strengthened. Both within the European Union and across the Atlantic. “We are totally united,” European Council President Charles Michel wrote on Twitter, expressing “full support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, democracy and territorial integrity.” Its people have chosen democratic values, rule of law and reforms. The Kremlin sees this as an existential threat. In another tweet, Michel said his goal was to weaken Western and European Union support for Ukraine, but it was a “miscalculation”. Then the President of the European Council announced his intention to hold a special summit of EU leaders if Moscow attacked Ukraine. To express a united position regarding the sanctions against Russia, Michel said, speaking at the Munich Security Conference.

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Donbass Russians: Ukrainians killed two civilians

Russian separatists accused Donbass of the Kiev army of killing two civilians in the city of Pioneerskaya, seven kilometers from the Russian border. “As a result of the attack by Kiev militants, two civilians were killed and five houses were destroyed,” the militiamen of the Luhansk People’s Republic said in a note posted on its Telegram channel. Russia has announced that it will open an investigation.

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