Fastweb, heavy redesign from November: how much will the increases be?

Fastweb, heavy redesign from November: how much will the increases be?

As early as November 1st, many Fastweb users will find themselves with redundancies, and that’s not good news; Another heavy blow for the governor.

Inflation, expensive energy, expensive gasoline, and the cost of money that increased disproportionately were not enough. Now, even phone companies are adapting and charging end consumers for what they call “technological innovations.”

From November, Fastweb customers will pay more for subscriptions – – Source:

The excuse given by operators who raise prices is quite simple: they provide you with a service, and by investing to provide you with a better experience, they then have to spread the costs. And it’s always the same people who pay.

Furthermore it The increases are not only related to Fastweb, because for several months other companies have also made unilateral changes to their contracts: Poste, WindTre, Tim… No one is exempt.. Soon, starting November 1st, it will also be the turn of Fastweb customers.

Price changes will take effect after customers are notified via communications. here Details of price increases and what to do if you want to withdraw from the contract.

Fastweb, here are all the expected increases and which subscriptions and prices will apply

Fastweb warns its customers that due to investments in technology, innovation and environmental sustainability, it needs to increase subscriptions and fees.

From November, calling and browsing the Internet will become more expensive –

These are all of them Relevant offers The increases will start as expected on November 1, 2023.

  • Fastweb Mobile – up to 5 euros
  • Fastweb Mobile Ver2 – up to €5
  • Fastweb Mobile Ver3 – up to €5
  • Fastweb NeXXt Mobile – up to €4
  • Fastweb NeXXt Mobile Mini – up to €5
  • Fastweb NeXXt Mobile Unlimited – up to €5
  • Mobile 250 – up to 5 euros
  • Mobile 500 – up to 5 euros
  • Mobile 700 8GB – up to 5 euros
  • Mobile phone freedom – up to 5 euros
  • Mobile Freedom 10 GB – up to €5
  • Mobile Freedom Special – up to 5 euros
  • Mobile fuel – up to 5 euros
  • Giga Mobile – up to 5 euros
  • Mobile voice – up to 5 euros.
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Since it is a unilateral contractual change, customers have the right to withdraw from the contract without paying the penalty (One might add that we should be thankful too..) There is a procedure to follow.

Interested parties must, no later than January 15, 2024: send a registered letter with return receipt to Fastweb SpA, Casella Postale 126 – 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) or PEC to the address [email protected], enclosing a copy of the identity document Specifying “amendment of contractual terms” as the reason for withdrawal from the contract.

Customers can also change the operator/opt out of the contract with Fastweb by going to Fastweb stores or via the app of the same name. The hope is that by switching to other operators we can avoid price increases, but since everyone is increasing their monthly prices, it will be a difficult task.

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