Baldwin, co-director fired from another group for an accident with a gun –

from Laura Zangarini

According to production company Rocket Soul Studios revealed to CNN, in 2019 on the set of Freedom’s Path that Dave Halls worked on, a crew member was shot.

position of Dave HallsFilm assistant director Rust, who handed the prop gun to Alec Baldwin Before the fatal shooting last week cost his life For director of photography Helena Hutchins. The halls were Already launched Produced by a movie after a Crew member From the movie he was working on he has a little left injured in a incident With’a weapon. revealed on CNN The manufacturing company from the movie.

In particular, as reported by the American radio before Rocket Soul StudiosDave Halls was assistant director in the movie Freedom Road In 2019, when blast It was produced by a pistol that was unexpectedly discharged on a set made of I jumped back distance audio technician, which forced him to seek medical attention and caused it pause of the product. Precisely because of that incident, Holz was Removed from the group NS DisqualifiedThe company explained that the shooting They didn’t start again pulsate Dave It wasn’t outside.

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