Sully Sorge and Hot Curtain with Barrow and Jessica in Shock / “It’s Not What It Seems”

Despite the first disturbances revealed big brother vip Reacting to the return of her lovable close friend Alex Bailey to her home, it appears Sully Sorge is determined to continue her race to the reality show final, allowing herself a red curtain with Barrow. This is a winking stacchetti shot from Striscia la Notizia which sees Barù Gaetani clearly involved in physical contact with ex-men and women. Everything happens under the ill-advised gaze of Jessica Silesi, addresses the chef, who is visibly shocked in front of the curtain her friend Sol has assigned her to crash. In the meantime, the public, which is a sovereign judge, spares no comment on the announced new triangle.

Soleil Sorge and Barù al intimate big brother vip

On the one hand, he seems to suffer from a closeness between them Alex Bailey and Delia Doranwhich forms the first triangle of House of big brother vipOn the other hand, Sulli Sorge appears to be open to a second triangle with Paro Gaitani and her friend, Jessica Silesi. Or at least that’s according to exclusive photos of the hot curtain that ex-men and women shared with the chef, right before the eyes of the stunning Princess Jessica. Photos of the red light moment are now a topic of discussion for users online.

Gf vip, Soleil Sorge and Barù sexy in choppy

photo big brother vip Under discussion more than a moment, in detail, immortalized Soleil rise As he indulges in a hot dance break with Barrow: he takes her weight and then brings the sunbathing toward her head, as if kissing her navel. Meanwhile, as he passes in the fiery moment, Jessica Silesi He’s still visibly upset, to the point of embarrassing influencer Sully: “It’s not what it looks like, Jesse!”

Soleil Sorge and Barrow: A New Triangle Al big brother vip?

Video of the curious red light moment in big brother vip Meanwhile it is viral tik tokwhere the most disparate social comments are recorded, including the latter: “Jessica is jealous because he is her annoying husband”; “barrow She knows she can joke with Sulli, but if she does these things in front of Jessica she takes them as signs of love”; “Aren’t you talking now, Jessica? You are jealous of Delia Doran, because she is beautiful.” “I have no words, what are you doing, Sun?”. So, for viewers, Sully could spoil the friendship with Jessica because of Barrow, when the end of the reality show, scheduled for March 14, 2022 on Canale 5, approaches. We’ll see if Sorge will be able to keep two triangles at home.. from big brother vip.

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