Visit the dentist in Mons Saint Cugat

Visit the dentist in Mons Saint Cugat


The dental clinic specializing in pediatric dentistry recommends visiting at an early age to prevent diseases

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05.03.2024 12.44 h.

Did you know that the main problem of dental malocclusion is not only aesthetic, but also affects the chewing process and can affect the health of the child? a Mons Saint Cugat They recommend preventing the effects of this disease by regularly visiting the dentist.

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Moonz Sant Cugat to prevent malocclusion problems

Mons Saint Cugat is one Clinic specializing in pediatric orthodontics in Francisco Morajas, 10 (1 minute from the monastery). His philosophy focuses on treating children from the age of three to detect any changes in cooperation with the pediatric dentist, such as malocclusion. Malocclusion in children occurs when the jaw bone growth process and the position of the teeth change. This disease has consequences and can lead to bruxism, tooth crowding, the development of tooth decay and gum disease, joint pain in the jaw area, breathing problems related to food and speech, headaches, ear, neck or back pain.

If any malocclusion problems are detected in the early stages of development, they can be treated Preventative measurementssuch as using braces, to correct it before it gets worse.

Dr. Miroslava, Orthodontist in Mons Sant Cugat. Image: All

doctor. Miroslava, orthodontist in this Dental clinic in Sant CugatExplains the process that children follow from the time they arrive with their parents to the clinic. When children arrive for consultation, a digital study is performed using a scanner, in addition to taking some pictures and x-rays. From the age of 6 years, when the first permanent molars erupt, the necessary treatments are performed to correct various types of malocclusion, such as a crossbite or bad habits such as tongue sucking. This early care is crucial in guiding the development of their coat and coat.

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The entire Moonz Sant Cugat team invites the children and parents of the city to visit Dental ClinicThe Dental Health Center strives to have children enter and leave the clinic happy, and to feel at home during the treatment process.

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