Stretcher, twists around the web: “From exclusion to simulation.”

Stretcher, twists around the web: “From exclusion to simulation.”

The penalty awarded to the team is still under discussionInter In victory for 2-1 against the Genoa In the last round of Serie A, unleashed on the web Nicolo Barella And the scene after the call friendrup. The Italian midfielder is as tough as he is prone to this kind of behavior on the pitch: Juventus fans remember What happened, for example, in the first leg between Juventus and Inter with Rabiotwhere the Inter player hits his opponent and then gasps and rolls on the ground as if he was the one who was hit.

Among the Genoa, Barilla simulation unleashes the masses

On social media, immediately after the penalty kick, there was a constant bounce of images of the player's contortions stretcher Immediately after completion friendrup. The former Cagliari midfielder is doing everything he can to attract the referee's attention separate, rolling several times on the ground, greatly highlighting the already very light contact. The off-field situation sparked a fire on the internet, with many calling for the TV Test to be intervened, “from a disqualification for simulation, rather than a penalty”. In the field, Despite the screen warning by VARThe match director decided to confirm the penalty kick for the Nerazzurri. A decision that angered Genoa and commented on it Gilardino In the post-match.

Stretcher and diving, embarrassing memes

As mentioned, this is not the first episode to draw attention to justice in this area stretcher. Until last season, fans on the web were actually joking after a An exciting trip into the penalty area by the Nerazzurri midfielder Inter Empoli.

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