Violent, organized, and fighting for territory with Mara 13

Violent, organized, and fighting for territory with Mara 13

That 2002 is a long time ago Eric Velasteguinicknames King WolverineHe created Faction A Spain Subordinate Latin Kings. the organization, A real criminal gangit was sometimes whitewashed by those who wanted to avoid talking about it Dangerous latin gangs that was entering our house, has had periods of ups and downs, and although it is not in its best condition now, the Guardia Civil has, in the last twenty months, been able to chart how Spanish Kingdomthe faction that controlled the Catalonia region, and had local affiliates and subsidiaries, with the strength of A Rios, Ruby, Granolers I Barcelona I the hospital. the attach Latinas It is also installed in Cataloniain fig Crime gangswith a very clear hierarchy, is very violent and needs to expand his business and control the territory.

the operation Chameleonborn in RiosIn August 2022, it was allowed Civil Guardwith information specialists from the same leadership Tarragona And also the cooperation of the state media, attracting the entire organization and being able to link it to relevant criminal events, such as the crime in January 2023 committed by a man who was a member of a rival gang in a bar. terrace – A case investigated by the Mossos team and that the suspects are already behind bars.

From a photo on Instagram to a deadly battle in Hospitalet de Llobregat

After some photos they themselves posted on a public account on Instagram, where people were seen wearing band T-shirts and giving the usual salute to these bands, investigators escalated the investigation until they reached the two leaders of Catalonia, 'Chemistry trilogy' that day 'a star'Then we go down again to the local sections, the classes. In total, about thirty people have been arrested, although the investigation is more thorough and there are approximately sixty people linked to the crime. Latin Kings In Catalonia, now it's all in freedom.

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The regional confrontation is one of the reasons for these gangs to unite to fight other gangs. Showdown at L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, an area you aim to control Spanish Kingdom With the chapter of Sagrada Familia, vs Mara Salvatrucha 13 (M-S13)one of the others Latin gangs What's wrong? CataloniaOne of the members of the Latin Kings ended up being seriously injured with a knife. Since that day, the members of this band swore revenge, and organized themselves to attack competitors in a coordinated operation for revenge, according to researchers who followed and monitored for months. Latin KingsIt could have ended in death. They have located competitors A attacksWhat routes did they take, how would they move, what weapons would they use, and how would they carry out the attack, but at the last minute the gang’s management reached an agreement with MS 13 and aborted this matter. Bloodthirsty revenge.

For researchers who consider Spanish Kingdom a Criminal organizationThis measure, although it was not ultimately carried out, also helped them to know how they were organised, what organic dependencies there were and, above all, how dangerous and capable of doing harm a group like this was, which until now had now flown under the radar. Law enforcement agencies. the Researchers from Protect civil She carried out retrospective work to obtain police testimonies in which the people investigated were involved so that they could relate some facts that, when viewed from afar, might seem isolated facts in the linked cases. Robberies, assaults, battles… where the method of action and characters were also repeated to complete the puzzle. Latin Kings a Catalonia.

a star I Chemistry trilogyleaders in Catalonia

The goal of Reino Hispano and the local branches is to control the region to strengthen their criminal gang, through fraud – they obtained Bizum fraudulently by defrauding their compatriots – and drug sales, although researchers have been able to confirm this. They have not yet been able to transfer as much money or expand as they wanted. The two great leaders They had superiority over othersThey were a man and a woman, about 30 years old – older than the average age of the other people investigated – from Ruby, she, and L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, who served as superiors, responsible for Driving the organization In each region, there are local branches, which have their own leaders.

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As explained today by information specialists at Civil Guard to TarragonaThose who carried out the investigation, the two leaders, L a star And the Chemistry trilogyThey lived a normal life, they worked, they had a family, and on weekends that was when they participated in meetings and gatherings of the Latin Kings and that was when they exercised their leadership. It worked one in one a company phone And the other in one factory. When they had to miss work to attend meetings or travel related to the organization, they feigned illness at work. The contributions of gang members and criminal activity, at the initial stage, with retail drug sales, did not allow the leaders to live off the Latin Kings. The researchers believe, at the same time, that they were doing this in order not to notice any possible police action.

“It's a good shot, but it's not final.”

When the entire organization was drawn, they were depicted holding their meetings in gardens Rios, Ruby olHospital de LlobregatThey were even able to verify the rituals of upbringing and belonging, as well as the acts of violence between them as a result Corporal punishment Due to some violations of internal laws, the Civil Guard requested permission from the judge Diego Alvarez de Juanthe author of Instructions 3 of Reus, to be able to take advantage of the investigation, make arrests and, above all, search the homes of the detainees, where the documents were found, Weapons As well as clothing that may be linked to criminal acts and that contain symbols Latin Kings.

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Photo of items seized by investigators/GRS

“It's a good shot, but it's not final.”Officials say this is an investigation against the Latin Kings of Catalonia. “The news is that there is no news.”They confirm that the general explained that dismantling the organization before they could commit some kind of more powerful action, such as the one they planned last April, as a second part of retaliation against the Hospitalet de Llobregat, would have avoided deaths or serious mutilations. Pedro Antonio Pizarropresident Civil Guard a CataloniaBut he himself clarified that all detainees have been released and that the investigation is still ongoing. It was possible to give them names and titles, obtain documents – in a searched apartment in Granweiler, lists of names and pseudonyms were found – and put them around their necks, but these organizations, like phoenixes, are being reborn and need to rearm and regain control; it's his life way.

Researchers do not rule out that it will be necessary to re-arrest members of these local branches, but, at the same time, it will now also be necessary to know what movements they are making. the Latin Kings They are a hierarchical organization with very notable influences, and their dismantling and arrest could have serious repercussions for local and regional leaders on the part of Leaders in the Spanish field For mistakes they may have made in facilitating police work. Instagram account where they upload photos of the band, as well as weapons and style salutes Latin kingl RiosAnd they began the investigation.

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