Results Day 4 – Doncic shines fluently with Slovenia, the United States and Spain, and South Sudan and Cape Verde make history

Results Day 4 – Doncic shines fluently with Slovenia, the United States and Spain, and South Sudan and Cape Verde make history
The fourth day of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup in Asia introduces new provisions. To the surprise of eliminating France, they advance unhindered United State, Spain, Serbia And SloveniaAll on full points and with very convincing victories: collective successes for the top three, in Slovenia a superstar Luka Doncic Which closes with 34 points and is not far from the double triple. The program opened with successes in the race from Ivory Coast about Iran and new Zeland In overtime, Jordan scored 39 points Ronday “Kobe” Hollis JeffersonAnd with the historic victories of juniors South Sudanagainst China, h green headwith Venezuela.

Group B

Day 4 begins with a historic anniversary in Manila: South Sudan, the smallest country in the world, crushes China to claim its first World Cup win. Having failed to qualify, they redeemed themselves in the second game by defeating Sasha Djordjevic’s squad 45-29 in the second half: the Africans scored 15 out of 30 from three games and were pulled back again by manager Karlik Jones, 21 points with 6 assists, and there Also 16 points for Kwani, 14 for Umut and 13 for Chayok, without forgetting the debut of the talent born in 2006 Khaman Malwach, who scored a point in the 16th minute and collected 6 rebounds and two blocks. For China, Kyle Anderson-born Li Ca’er scored 22 points.

  • Puerto Rico – Serbia 77-94

A brutal performance by Serbia, who beat Puerto Rico to advance to the second round, and seem to want above all else to send a message to those who do not see them as favourites. Pesic’s team ended the discussion with an irresistible first half of 57-27, +30, and then in the second half managed to dominate Borekwa’s attempts to come back: Serbia finishes the match with 64% of two goals and also thwarts the 15 hat-tricks achieved by the Polish team. The Caribbean, who owns 14 points from Pineiro and 13 from former Napoli Howard. On the other hand, the Serbs have 12 points and grabbed 15 rebounds from the dominant Milutinov, 15 from the former Varese citizen Avramovic and 17 for each of the star Bogdanovic and the talented Nikola Jovic of the Miami Heat.

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Group C

  • New Zealand – Jordan 95-87 A1TS

No happy ending for Jordan who lost to New Zealand after extra time, which Ronday Hollis-Jefferson reached by four points, and was eliminated. The Tall Blacks, led by Peruvian Cameron, have 23 points from Team Leva, former Treviso player Voto 11 and Shea Ili 15 with 10 assists, and will play for qualification in the playoff against Greece. But the story of the match is that of Ronday Hollis Jefferson, who was cheered by the crowd with chants of “Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!” Because of the striking resemblance to Black Mamba, the movements, the physique, the number 24, the bracelet and the shoes (obviously Nike Kobe). The performance of the previous American League is brutal, 39 points with 9 rebounds and 4 assists, shooting 12 of 24 from the field and 14 of 18 free throws, but it is not enough to win, not even with the help of Ibrahim (22 with) 9 assists, and Al-Duwairi 19 points and 10 rebounds.

  • Greece – USA 81-109

Two out of two for the United States, who also beat Greece, advance to the second stage, while the Greeks, led by Dimitris Itoudis, will have to beat New Zealand to continue on their way to the World Cup. As is the case against New Zealand, the USA team faces at first (23-19), then Steve Kirk shakes his team by entering the second quintet with Halliburton, Reeves and Paolo Panchero: Greece slowly separates despite not being distorted in the first break, then in the second half the Americans lead a vacuum Spread, even touch +30. The USA dominate the rebound – 40 to 25 -, providing 26 assists, shooting 57% from the field and making 30 of 34 free throws: everyone scores, with Edwards and Bronson standing out with 13 points, especially Austin Reeves with 15 points and 6 assists in 17 ‘. In Greece there are 17 points of Papagiannis and 14 of Rojkavopoulos.

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F group

  • Venezuela – Cape Verde 75-81

History was also made in Okinawa as Cape Verde beat Venezuela to claim their first historic World Cup win. The archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, the smallest country present in the World Cup, reaches -13 in the first half, but in the second half it changes its style and wins the fourth half by 22-9: Will Tavares’ +2 basket was decisive 1′ from the end, then he and Beto Gomez closed it off the line. The players scored 20 and 22 points respectively, Walter Tavares added 6 points, 14 rebounds and 3 blocks, while Ivan Almeida also scored 18. As for Venezuela, who are already eliminated, 15 points for Copilán and 14 for Zamora are not enough.

  • Georgia – Slovenia 67-86

Georgia tries nearly three quarters but, like Venezuela, gives up in the face of Luka Doncic’s dominance. And the Dallas Mavericks star scores 34 points with 10 rebounds, 6 assists and 13 of 17 free throws, and leads Slovenia to another success that deserves to pass the round. Luka scores the first ten points for his team, and the opponents come back, but then towards the end of the first half, Sekulic’s team expands and widens the gap in the second half. For the 2017 European champions, there are also 15 points from Prepelic and 12 from Zoran Dragic. In Georgia, which is still within reach, there are 12 points for Jincharadze and 21 points with 7 rebounds from Mamokilaashvili, while the talent Shengelia stops at 9.

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G group

  • Ivory Coast – Iran 71-69

A very tough challenge in Jakarta, where Ivory Coast beat Iran in the sprint to claim their first World Cup success. A thrilling finale, the Persians beat Kazemi 69-68 with 13 seconds left but then made a mistake setting up the goal. A mistake with Amini on Diabate in the 6th minute from the end: the Ivorian kicks off clearly, sending his team forward 71-69 and at the whistle, it was a celebration of the African team, given Iran’s mistake at the end with Yakhshali. Prokic’s selection, who shoots 20 out of 21 free throws, leads Zozua with 17 points; For the Asians, the best is Yakhshali with 19 points and unlucky Amini with 15 points.

Today’s program was completed with a clear victory for Spain over Brazil, scoring two goals out of two in Jakarta. The match that remained open for three quarters with the green-and-gold team hitting -5 in the 30th minute for a hat-trick from Mendl, but then in the final period the Red Furies were unleashed and, above all, Usman Garuba with his physical strength. Which appease the critical break that raises Scariolo’s team to +21. In Spain, Aldama was the top scorer with 15 points, Willy Hernangomez added 14 points, while Juan Nunez finished as the 2004 left-handed top scorer with 13 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. In Brazil, without the injured Raul Neto, Caboclo scored 15 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, and Iago dos Santos scored 14 points.

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