Digital artist Claudia Larcher combines nature and architecture in La Façana de Lo Pati

Digital artist Claudia Larcher combines nature and architecture in La Façana de Lo Pati

With Noise Above Our Heads, artist Claudia Larcher presents natural formations and architectural landscapes as a utopian and dystopian scenario. The title of the work suggests a war situation and allows room for different interpretations. The scene depicted in the soft vertical panorama looks like a version of real-world events, but in reality it is multifaceted and complex artistic constructions that blur the line between reality and fantasy and create space for other possible realities.

Larcher's work explores video animation, collage, photography and installation using a particularly cinematic approach to storytelling and the ability to extract narratives from seemingly indescribable everyday spaces. During his stay in Vienna, he presented his work in numerous exhibitions in Austria and abroad, such as Tokyo's Wonder Site (Japan), Slot Foundation Philadelphia, Weimar Arts Festival, Center Pompidou (Paris), Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde, Manifesta 13 and Anthology Film Archive ( New York).

A reflection on the Anthropocene

Throughout 2024, the Outdoor Room at Lo Pati will host “Anthropocenes, Narratives of Life in the Anthropocene,” a cycle curated by Bow Wilder with six artistic proposals. Walder has selected the works of six artists who contemplate life in the Anthropocene, a concept that refers to the idea of ​​a geological period to define times marked by the decisive impact of human activity on our planet. The artists participating in this selection have produced audio-visual works that present us, from different perspectives, with scenes of life in the Anthropocene, in particular those environments and systems that we ignore, but which play a crucial role in life on Earth.

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