Videos show the gameplay compared to the original, here are the improvements –

Videos show the gameplay compared to the original, here are the improvements –

Via YouTube, share EA Three new gameplay videos Dedicated to the sound Dead Space Remake. The three videos compare the original and the new one.

The first clip Dedicated to the ALIVE system. In this video, Senior Sound Designer Terry Calico talks about the ALIVE system that controls Isaac’s heart rate, breathing, and speech. He explained, “Isaac’s answers help create the mysterious and terrifying atmosphere of dead space, and in this video you will discover how the team takes this experience to a new level.”

The second video, which you can find below, Senior Sound Designer and Head of Sound Technology Jean-Fran├žois Tremblay explains the technical improvements made specifically for acoustic obstruction and obstruction effects. This system aims to give gamers an “unprecedented audio experience, creating the feel of a realistic audio projection. Discover how these upgrades will allow for more precise sound positioning and filter distance and attenuation, which you’ll hear in person as Sound Engineer Mike Dominiuk and Senior Programmer Diego Miraiu showcases examples from The original and remake.

Finally, in Third video, sound engineer Mike Dominiuk talks about the weapon’s acoustic design, with examples of plasma blade and pulse gun upgrades. The goal is to “take the sound quality of the legendary weapons you know and love from the first Dead Space to the next level. Discover how the team uses additional layering elements to make every shot have a powerful soundtrack.”

In addition, EA has also confirmed the release period of Dead Space Remake.

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