2 kW photovoltaic inverter and 200 watt solar panels at €180: MADNESS

2 kW photovoltaic inverter and 200 watt solar panels at €180: MADNESS

Now it’s time to try a file Photovoltaic group Do it yourself, ideal for use on the balcony at home or around the corner. This package is from 2 kW It guarantees 1 kilowatt per day and is equipped with Two 100W solar panels One, a 30A regulator and a 2000W inverter with a standard socket and even a USB port.

You can use it to recharge, power everything and save electricity. At 180 euros it is a real bargain for less than the cost. Complete your order now From ebay Also, enjoy free, fast shipping with our Prime Warranty.

2KW Photovoltaic Kit at a great price on eBay

All you are missing is a compound, you can choose to buy it separately to conserve energy. For the rest, this set is crazy because it comes with Everything you need to get started immediately to exploit.

There are two solar panels of 100 watts each with a total of 200 watts and more. there is the 30A regulator Perfect for controlled charging of batteries you decide to attach and there2000 watt inverterWhere electrical outlets and USB devices are connected.

You don’t need technicians or installers, that’s the beauty too. you will Do everything independentlyMove the solar panels when you want. This way, you can enjoy it at home as well as while you are away, for example on a camping vacation, on a boat or on a hike. In fact, if you wish, you can also buy other boards and thus increase the power of the system!

At this price Queso 2kw PV Kit It’s real less than the cost. Complete your order quickly From ebay To get it for only 180 euros. Enjoy fast and free shipping, but availability is still very limited.

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