Piaggio Ciao returns: the “new” version can be driven without a helmet and without insurance

Piaggio Ciao returns: the “new” version can be driven without a helmet and without insurance

The most famous scooter of the 20th century in all of the beautiful country is about to return. In fact, you can actually buy it online and the best thing is that you will not need any kind of license to drive it. However, it wasn’t Biagio who built it this time!

Although not produced since 2006, the Piaggio Ciao motorcycle is still around One of the most famous scooters What they saw in Italy: the scooter par excellence, so widespread in the center as in the suburbs that it united millions of Italians in a love affair so long that it may now be repeated again. Here’s how to make your own environmental Piaggio also available to unlicensed people.

Italian icon of the twentieth century (canvas)

Forty good old years

The Italian house is proud of Biagio Lots of icons In its truly impressive historical list: a classic Vespa you can be proud of More imitation and plagiarism From any other European motorcycle to the historic monkeys that have accompanied fruit sellers, farmers and workers on the rough roads and bends across Italy for decades. However, it would not be right not to mention another very popular motorcycle produced by the most famous house in the beautiful country.

If you grew up in the ’70s, you may not have seen it before Hello BiagioThe legendary scooter that even before Liberty and New Vespa was the means of transportation Cheaper and more popular of all Italians. This bike went into production in 1967 and stood out for over forty years due to its mechanical simplicity: it was essentially a two-stroke frame inside.

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For years, fans have been hoping for Hello Back to production But unfortunately, for now, this is still a utopia since the Italian home has many other plans. However, another Italian company came up with a great idea to allow owners of this bike to update their favorite two-wheeled cars. And it’s not like buying a new one designed from scratch but it’s better than nothing.

The company we are talking about is called Italy Umbra It is a company that deals with electrical remittances, a sector as of August – the release date of an important sentence – will definitely be very fruitful. To take advantage of this product, you need Hello, no matter what year or under what circumstances. At a cost of about 3000 euros, the engineers will take care of everything for you.

You drive it as you want

The Ciao modified by the Italian house has become a very nice e-bike. Converting a historic motorcycle might sound like a bad idea, but Hear the benefitsNo expenses at the gas station, especially in a terrible moment like this, no wear to the internal combustion engine and above all, now you will have the possibility to drive the scooter even if your license expires or you never take it!

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For e-bikes according to Italian law There is no need even License plate and insurance. Practically speaking, the perfect way to get around town or go to work with modest overhead. We ask what will ardent fans of the model think? Certainly some will consider conversion to be blasphemy. But It’s a nice way To bring such a famous and historic scooter to life.

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