India fired a hypersonic missile at Pakistan ‘by mistake’

India fired a hypersonic missile at Pakistan ‘by mistake’

“The missile launch was caused by a technical malfunction during routine maintenance operations, and this accident is very unfortunate, and we are relieved to learn that there was no loss of life,” a statement from the Ministry of Defense said.

On Friday morning, Pakistan summoned the Indian ambassador, who expressed to him “Islamabad’s strong protest against the flagrant violation of Pakistani airspace, which contravenes all international security rules and protocols.” Islamabad also asked the Delhi government to conduct a transparent investigation into the incident. On the evening of the accident, Pakistani Army Spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar said at a press conference that the missile was launched from sersa And landed near the Mian ChanoIn the Khnival region, at an altitude of 12,190 meters, scheduled flights in Pakistani and Indian airspace are at risk. “The accident could have caused the crash of a large plane and the killing of civilians,” the spokesman added.

Moayad Yousef From the NSA he said that in a nuclear environment such “sensitivity and incompetence” raise questions about the “safety and security of Indian weapons systems”. He added that in the recent past, several incidents of uranium theft had already occurred in India and its citizens were arrested on charges of uranium smuggling.

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