“You can’t say no to Naples.”

“You can’t say no to Naples.”

while sending Network swells broadcast on Radio MarsAlberto enters fountaingoalkeeper agentHellas Verona Lorenzo Montebo.

The prosecutor spoke privately about his client’s future and Verona’s moment.

Lorenzo Montepo of Hellas Verona. (Photo by Getty Images)

Sunday will be clear for Montebo? “I don’t think so, but there aren’t any games that are much simpler than others. Definitely The match against Napoli requires more concentration“.

Verona reached her goal of redemption early in February. If players understand that they can seek a place in Europe It can be a basic fun match. In my opinion it will be a great football match. In case of victory, Napoli will be re-launched with the key to the Scudetto“.

What will be the future of Montebo? “Unfortunately last year he went down and conceded too many goals. Verona was a way to get back on the right track, everyone’s dream has always been to get on stage but I think the boy should complete his course this year Then let’s see.”

Montepo heir to Ospina in Naples? “Any strong team that has a lot of games requires two strong goalkeepers. It can be an idea, You can’t say no to Naples“.

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