(Video) So close to Earth, and now the Moon has a hand in it; what happens? »ILMETEO.it

(Video) So close to Earth, and now the Moon has a hand in it;  what happens?  »ILMETEO.it

Neanderthal comet: (Video) Very close to Earth, and now the Moon has a hand in it; what happens?

Between February 1 and 2, the now-famous Neanderthal comet will pass at its “nearest” point to Earth, or about 42 million kilometers, but at that point the Moon will be in the way of observing it with the naked eye.
Who knows if Neanderthals saw this 50,000 years ago.
The fact is that the comet has now reached magnitude (apparent luminosity) 5.9 under naked eye vision (which is 6).

We are talking about c / 2022 E3 ZTFFind out the comet March 2, 2022. Because of its long revolution around the sun, it was called “Neanderthal comet And now it is Even to the naked eye.
The comet can already be wonderfully observed through binoculars or telescopes and cosmos enthusiasts compete to see who takes the most amazing picture, like the one I took. Dario Gianobile Above Etna, which NASA chose as the image of the day (by clicking on the name, you can see it).
Comet has one Sparkling green foliage, brushed by the solar wind, a remarkable tail of yellowish dust and a smaller tail of blue ions. It also has an anti-soda, or a second tail opposite the first (visible in the cover photo).

A few days ago, the sun’s abundant activity threw a stream of electrically charged particles toward the comet. An actual ejection of mass from the solar corona (the outermost part of our star) which in fact has Cut the tail of the wonderful comet in two. This phenomenon is called “disconnection” is due to solar wind.
This event did not cause the comet major problems, not to mention that it could be observed.

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The comet will keep getting brighter and brighter until it reaches its closest point to Earth between February 1 and 2 and will always be clearly visible in the northern sky where it will become a polar circumference.

But let’s see some data on this fascinating space object, coming from the distant Oort Cloud (comet-forming).
C/2022 E3 ZTF, the agency said Dealing has reached rock bottomany lowest distance from the sunthe January 12th.comet trackWhere do you look for it and above all, is it still visible to the naked eye?

Until a few days ago, to be able to see it with the naked eye, you had to be in one place completely dark And a clear sky full of stars. right Now, because of the moon Brighter and brighter, we’ll have to use good binoculars.
To see the comet we will have to look towards the constellation Ursa Minor, in fact in these hours it is located near the North Star.

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