The video game industry is on the side of toxic gamers –

The video game industry is on the side of toxic gamers –

L ‘video game industry take sides against Toxic usersfollow up cases God of War: Ragnarok The Monkey Island Tales. Basically, there are people who irreversibly poison the environment, increasing the distance between developers and users.

Bottom line: Ron Gilbert announced that he will no longer talk about returning to Monkey Island in public after receiving insults and threats from alleged fans of the series, and hours later developer Sony Santa Monica publicly complained that several PlayStation players had sent them pictures. of their members to persuade her to reveal the release date of God of War: Ragnarok.

The reaction was generalized. We already reported on Cory Barlog from Sony Santa Monica and Phil Spencer, head of games at Microsoft, but there were others as well.

for example Neil Druckmann Naughty Dog spoke about Gilbert’s case saying: “Fabulous! Even healthy adventure games aren’t safe from toxic fans who know more and more about the authors?! Ron (and the team), keep doing what you believe in! It looks great! I’ll take it at the damn launch!

Then Druckman added:Honestly…as a huge fan of a series that changed my life, I feel lucky to be able to play another Ron Gilbert Monkey Island. I want to see his team and no one else.

also Dominic armedthe actor who voiced Guybrush Threepwood commented on this story: “For the part of the community that advocates the video game medium as art, there are a lot of people out there who go out of their way to treat it as a dumb commodity.”

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also Alex MannEA Director of Development wrote a reflection on the matter, explaining how this story illustrates why development studios don’t communicate with players while they work on their games_”This proves it 100%: continuing to try is not worth the personal and mental health price.

In the case of Sony Santa Monica instead intervened Alana Piercewho wrote: “There’s no point in yelling at people about video game release dates. Even if you get a date by threatening people (it will never happen), you still have something to gain by knowing it before the development team tells you.

ParisA Gamertag Radio host also added: “Stop harassing game developers. What I’ve seen in the past few days is horrible. Be better than that.”

Things are unlikely to change, given the average level of players. Fortunately, hope costs nothing.

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