Gross Domestic Product: In the United States, it beats estimates

Gross Domestic Product: In the United States, it beats estimates

the gross domestic product It is the sum of all goods and services produced in the period from October to December. in America she has Exceeding estimates to 2.6%, at an annual rate of 2.9%. If 2022 now passes the lockdown in a positive way, on the other hand, 2023 could record negative growth. Will US interest rate policy remain aggressive? Manufacturing and service companies have slashed costs and the tech sector is suffering mass layoffs. As consumer spending slowed, price pressures eased. Perhaps America will enter at the end of 2023 Recessiondue to the high rate The unemployment.

The growth mix has been awful and monthly data indicates that the economy has lost momentum as the fourth quarter progresses. We still expect the delayed impact of interest rate hikes to push the economy into a mild recession in the first half of this year.

Andrew Hunter, chief US economist at Capital Economics

It is supposed to be a series of Aggressive increases affiliate interest rates To tame inflation will happen in 2023 and have a delayed effect. A slowdown in the economy. Global economic growth is expected to exceed just 2% this year. Much will depend on global central banks still not over after a year of sharp interest rate increases. The full impact of these increases could take a year or more to affect economies. The biggest threat to global economic growth in 2023 appears to be one Monetary policy more restrictive it’s a’inflation constantly more high.

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