Vidal to Flamengo: In Brazil with Sanchez? Inter shines, Dybala awaits

Vidal to Flamengo: In Brazil with Sanchez?  Inter shines, Dybala awaits

Arturo Vidal He always said he wanted to play with Flamengo. Even in the most delicate moments of last season with Inter, certainly not by sending his fans into relief. Now that the tournament is over, the Chilean can be satisfied: the recent summit between Carioca’s management and his agent Felicievic gave positive results. The Brazilians have outdone Boca Juniors and are waiting for a definitive answer: Vidal has to deliver by Tuesday, everything points to a house-sized yes. At least, according to the versions, social and otherwise, they have for some time.

Sanchez is with him too? Dybala is waiting. The question is whether the ex-Juventus will bring his compatriot to Brazil. Felicevic also talked about Flamengo Alexis Sanchez. Survey at the moment, but Inter have every interest in facilitating the exit of the Chileans: apart from Lukaku, they are the two most valuable players in the squad. Waiting for the excellent transfer and other movements, the easing of the amount of salaries facilitates the arrival Paulo Dybala. But Sanchez’s farewell will not be enough: one needs to sell one between Correa and Dzeko, to make room for joya. Which is what awaits now, because also no better offers have come from Marotta and Ausilio. At the window is Milan – meanwhile committed to Ziyech – and beyond.

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