Fabriano / Rotary, Doriano Tabuccini is the new president

Three axes of intervention and the theme of the presidency announced by the new president: “Science and Technology: Interacting with Social Issues and Opportunities for Youth”

Fabriano, June 4, 2022 – Change of guard: The rotary hammer goes from Mario Chaploni to Doriano Tarabuccini.

In the year of its 65th anniversaryThe day of the passage of the gavel was an occasion for the delivery of a series of testimonies by outgoing President Mario Sciabelloni.

Certificates awarded To Giuseppe Salerno, Federica Capriotti, Antonio Balsamo, Ariana Bardelli, Paolo Montanari, Annamaria Datri, Benedetta Gandini, Enrico Simara, Lucia Cocci, Marco Marinelli, Matteo Cerlici, Michela Nino, Piero Chiuri,

Also awarded two “Paul Harris”. The first was in the oncology department of Fabriano Hospital in the person of Rosa Rita Silva and the second in Mora Nataloni.

Pietro Arista president From Rotary JesseAnd the Stefano Ri subordinate Rotary CamerinoAnd the fluoro fluoresce subordinate Rotary JesseAnd the Sergio Giorgini In Rotary Urbino, Raimondo Turchi to Sync my camera They got a watermark with Rotating emblem made by Fabriano Club.

This is the new board of directors: the former president Mario Ciabelloninext president Alessandro Stelottivice president Patrizia Salarisecretary Paulo SantonicolaTreasurer Morgan ClementeAnd the Directors Federica Capriotti, Leandro Terante, Paolo Montanari, Grazzella Bacelli, Cerro Tordi and the governor Benedita Gandini.

The year Doriano Tabuccini takes over as a guideline “Science and Technology: Social Interaction and Opportunities for Youth”

“There will be three areas of intervention – The new president emphasized in his speech to shareholders – the first to continue the historical services of the club, Giving importance to projects aimed at developing our landsFor the benefit of citizens, especially young people, by providing opportunities for growth. As for the third area of ​​intervention, it will be abroad. We are organizing an international project to supply health equipments to Chiulo Hospital, Pediatric/Gynecology Clinic in Angola”

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