And hey ready to travel to Turin Live

And hey ready to travel to Turin Live

Summer session for market transfer, including surveys, sales, purchases, and deals in the process of being finalized or already closed. Follow all the news live, between rumors and official, on Today’s negotiations (June 28).


Pirlo at Sampdoria: “Growing up with legends Vialli and Mancini, it will be like training in Serie A”

The words of the former Juventus coach in the presentation of the press conference with Sampdoria (Read it all)

4:44 p.m

Fabio Chiarodia from Werder Bremen to Borussia Mönchengladbach

German Defender (but of obvious Italian ancestry) Fabio Chiarodia officially transfers from Werder Bremen to Borussia Mönchengladbach. The player has signed a contract until June 30, 2027.

4:23 p.m

Milan, Loftus-Cheek white smoke: visit tomorrow

it will be Ruben Loftus-Cheek replaces Sandro TonaliMade for the English arrival of Chelsea.

3.55 p.m

Juventus and Yeh ready to travel to Turin: the proof hits social media

The story published by the American foreigner a few hours after his arrival in Italy for medical visits with Juventus (Read it all)

3:29 p.m

Arsenal, all on Rice: 120 million euros ready

According to the BBC, the Gunners are considering strengthening their midfield and have the Hammers player in their sights.

3:07 p.m

From Spain: AC Milan and Juventus compete for Morata

Although renewed until 2026 with Atletico Madrid, According to “as” Alvaro Morata remains in the goal of Juventus and Milan: The striker will not need to leave the Spanish capital, but as reported by the Catalan media, Italy will be his first choice in the event of his departure.

2.45 p.m

Castle official confirms Gorini on the bench

With a statement posted on its official website, prof Cittadella confirms that Eduardo Gorrini is on the bench next season as wellafter the salvation he obtained in the last second division championship.


Milan, Loftus-Cheek made: He is expected to be in Milan

the Milan reached an agreement with Chelsea to buy Loftus-CheekThe English midfielder is expected to be in Milan within the next few hours to undergo the usual medical examinations and sign the contract he will need with the Rossoneri.

1:54 p.m

Dionisi, an anecdote about Vratesi: “He revealed something to me at Sassuolo”

Neroverdi’s boss revealed a backstory on a player in the transfer market center… (Read it all)

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1:28 p.m

Roma, midfielder’s knot: Sabitzer is very famous

Kamada also followed, a flashback to Nandes. stable hjolmand … (Read it all)

1:00 pm

Inter, Brozović reflects: the situation

Croatian midfielder hesitateAcceptance of the Pharaonic offer Victory Or hope for a revival Barcelona?


“Newcastle unleashed: another goal after Tonali”

the Newcastle He no longer stops. after purchase accent themWith the official announcement due to arrive in the next few days, here is the new one objective English society. (read all)


Juventus Milinkovic plan

The Bianconeri want to fulfill Lazio’s request 40 million euros. Church, Zacharias, McKinney, and Arthur To arrive there.


“Arsenal make a crazy offer for West Ham rice”

streetAccording to a BBC leak, Arsenal have just done to West Ham is a staple of Rice: all numbers. (read all)


‘Bayern Munich ready to raise Kane’

Bayern Munich will not give up Harry Kanecaptain spurs His contract expires in the summer of 2024. The first proposal – 70 million euros plus bonuses – was rejected in the last few hours by the Londoners. But the German champions, as reported by the English media, are ready for this He made a new offer for Tottenham. Moreover, Bayern Munich had already reached a preliminary agreement with the English striker.

12:00 pm

Victory officer Agudelo from Spezia

Arab clubs also arrive in Italian League, second division: small spiceswhich formalized the passage Kevin Ogodlow for victoryDubai clubs. The Colombian says goodbye to the Ligurians after three seasons there drop.


Al-Hilal presses Verratti: the show

According to l’Equipe, the leaders of the Saudi club will be A Paris to try Convincing the Italian midfielder To move to Saudi Arabia.


Napoli, four goals in midfield: the list

Ndombele back to tottenham, Give me can leave, Zelensky In balance: De Laurentiis is working on the arrival of at least one player in midfield


Milan, Sportello official

After the medical visits and the signing of the contract, the announcement came: Sportiello will be Maignan’s new deputy. He even signed a contract 2027. (read all)


Rome, I asked Frattisi back to Sassuolo

The pivot has been strengthened: yesterday in Milan the two directors, Thiago Pinto and Giovanni Carnevale. That’s what they talked about.

10:55 a.m

“Juventus are thinking of Romero’s return”

From Argentina they have no doubt: Juventus has it requiring information To share the world championAnd In the past he was a member without going into the field. Negotiation may not seem simple, since Romero has a contract with spurs Until 2026. (read all)

10:45 a.m

Inter, Brozovic has other ideas and returns with victory

orra Brozovic and victory I am far awaythe compared to a few days ago. The Croatian asked for time to think and his entourage tried wait up: no longer three years from 20 million seasonHere is the new request. (read all)


Arabia, Verratti Reflects: Show 30 million per season

Midfielder Rating Leaves Paris Eleven years after his arrival. Al-Hilal witnessed a bad experience of criticism and protests in the past period Coulibaly Meanwhile, he repeated his proposal shock. (read all)


Lazio, here’s who you want to sell: the roster

Biancoceleste club has to deal with theliquidity indexwhich is also a milestone this year to keep under control: before investing, however, one must give up Repetition. (read all)


Pania, Pirlo’s confidence and the dream of the Italian League

The centre-back, 24, plays for Karagumruk, which was coached by former Juventus last season, and who will lead Samp from July. she has Dual passport: Turkish and Italian. He was born in Bologna and raised in the Verona Children’s Club. thethe Sassuolo Perform a survey, as well as transfer Naples. (read all)


Napoli, the situation in midfield: Zielinski and the substitutes

Zielinski would like to stayDreams of renewalHe knows it will eventually be necessary to accept the new rules for a club that has placed limits on the wage bill and no longer intends to curtail. the Naples In the meantime, consider looking for another person, say, someone who looks like him, with talent to add to an already talented team. (read all)


Umtiti, ending with Barcelona, ​​then Italy or France

Re-released with a T-shirt Lychee After a series of seasons marked by physical problems, Samuel Umtiti He falls Barcelona But it won’t stay there: central France It is not part of Xavi’s plans. Blaugrana will be ready to let him finish the contract for Low salaries While the defender can move to zero in another location. There is no shortage of Umtiti fans: the Leon Dreams of his return as well as in Italy There will be many interested teams although no concrete proposals have arrived. It also offersKingdom of Saudi ArabiaBut the French defender prefers to stay in Europe.


Lazio, Sarri is waiting for Torreira

Yesterday the summit with Fabiani: everything is centered on the exit but yeahThey need it at least 8,000,000. Once you’ve decided on a market plan, here are all of Biancocelesti’s goals. (read all)


Juventus wallpaper on the renewal of Rabiot

the renewal Adrianhighly desired by Allegri, It’s official. The coup happened John Manathe new athletic director and manager of the black and white market, who was in the midst of an attack Meet the agent mom Veronica. (read all)


Thuram at Inter: signing with Abe Lilian

ccontract until 2028 at a price of 6 million a season For I’m Art, I landed in Lynette yesterday and then Expected at viale Liberazione. there was Also Father Lillian, A former defender, but above all Former opponent of Interwith Parma shirts and Juventus. (read all)

8:45 a.m

“Crescent Unleashed: Steal a Ferratti!”

Saudi Arabia shopping in Europe. after hiring Coulibaly and thoughts about him Gattuso In the role of coachFrom France, more precisely from the columns of Equipe, the news arrives arousing: target the Saudi club Marco Verrattiand Paris Saint-Germain and Italy midfielder Roberto Mancini. (read all)


Rome, Fratesi: meeting between Thiago Pinto and Carnevale

tra Rome And Sassuolo Axis yes strengthens. theI was in Milan executives Formalize an agreement transformation from youth Volpato and Missouri. And yesThiago Pinto reaffirmed his position, after being the former diamond of custody, in which the Giallorossi boast 30 percent ownership of the card. (read all)


Juventus A: Milinkovic Plan

After closing the file Reboot renewalThe Bianconeri are ready for another strike in midfield. assault on Lazio which can fund the departure church or from transferring redundancies (Zacharia, McKinney, and Arthur). (read all)


Naples, Tussart’s idea for García: details

The new blue coach is thinking of a Midfielder who already coached in 2019-2020 A.J Leonknowledge Useful for speeding up (possibly) the integration process. The idea is the same Exchange with Demme. (read all)

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