Battle at San Siro, epic extra time: Inter loses 2-1 to Bologna and is eliminated from the Italian Cup

Battle at San Siro, epic extra time: Inter loses 2-1 to Bologna and is eliminated from the Italian Cup

Inter joins Napoli among the greats They fell in the round of 16 From the Italian Cup. The big match is sure to not disappoint, providing Meazza’s fans with a truly extra time Do not forget. In the 90 minutes between Inter and Bologna, the balance prevailed, as the hosts were more aggressive but could not find the key to the Rossoblu’s alert defence. Inzaghi’s 11 players have the ball at their feet that would be worthy of a place in the quarter-finals, but Lautaro Martinez asserts himself as a fallible penalty taker, making himself Prevent fire From Ravalia.

The Nerazzurri’s final siege failed to prevent them from going to supplementaryIt’s a real disaster considering we’ll be playing again in just two days. Finally, a solid headshot opens everything up Charles Augustus Which deserves 1-0. Inter is satisfied and Bologna takes advantage of this with great play from Zirkzee making the score 1-1. Biochema. In the end, the matter was decided through a deadly counterattack, as the former Bayern player provided a decisive pass for the Swiss. Nadwi What a mockery of Odero again. There’s no time for anything else, Thiago Motta’s men reach the quarter-finals against Fiorentina.

Technicians’ choices

Confirming the previous day’s rumors, Simon Inzaghi His numerous commitments have forced him into a high turnover heavy Compared to the eleven players who took to the field at the Olimpico on Sunday evening. If the block defense is confirmed, the payout Bavard He will only start off the bench while revolutionizing almost the rest of the team. He stays in the midfield Darmian only: Carlos Augusto starts on the other side from the first minute, while the midfield is completely renewed. In addition to Fratesi and Aslani, there is room for the Dutchman Davy Classen, for a structure never seen before. After spending plenty of time against Real Sociedad and Lazio, Thuram started from the bench, giving space to the former Man of the Match ArnautovicWho will team up with talisman Lautaro Martinez.

Thiago Motta, perhaps considering Saturday afternoon’s match against Atalanta, was forced into action Strong rotation. Aside from confirming Ravalia in goal in place of Skorupski as starter, there are several changes in each department. Of the key players who tore Roma apart on Sunday night, only one remains Morrow and Salemakers: Freuler, Ndoye and Zirkzee himself will start from the bench. Therefore, the former Inter player will start from the first minute FabianUrbanski and young art son Sidney Van Hoogedunk.

Inter is aggressive, Bologna is tidy

When you’re ready to go, it takes a few minutes before you can orient yourself between two formations Almost experimental. Buoyed by a moment of dazzling performance, the hosts immediately became proactive and attempted to do just that pumpkin Bologna in their own half. The pace is somewhat low, given the upcoming Serie A weekend, but the Bologna team immediately lined up with the defence very high, as if it was an invitation to Inter to rise. The Nerazzurri accepted the invitation and appeared several times in the penalty area, where the former Arnautovic was present. Not very accurate in contrast. Inter’s first real chance came in the seventh minute when Klaassen saw the goal and fired a powerful shot from the outside. Ravalia He saw her at the last second but managed to react. The Nerazzurri are getting better minute by minute More aggressive, determined to slow down the rosoblu ball’s output. Bologna is trying to express its usual style, but with Inter pressing hard and strong Really complicated. However, in the long run, Thiago Motta’s boys managed to become dangerous: a brilliant cross from Lekogiannis and former Nerazzurri player Fabian trying to shoot. Ibrahimovic style. The flying heel is really cool and passes not far to the left of Odero, who seemed able to get there anyway. Inter continue to press hard, determined to finish the match off as soon as possible Accounts are with the Bolognese team, but the visitors defend themselves with the system, and did not concede much to the Milan strikers.

Fabian Inter Bologna

Aside from resisting the gusts of the Nerazzurri, so is Bologna A little negative He is barely able to launch noteworthy attacks, despite controlling the ball for long periods. Apart from some guest plays by Fabian They don’t do much And they risk conceding 1-0 on the half-hour mark: a great run down the side and a tense cross from Carlos Augusto pounces on. Fratesi. The precise deflection that forces Ravalia to make an instinctive save Really very complicatedTo begin a new phase of dominance over the landowners. Inter is definitely the favorite in terms of will and decision with the guests more complicated More than usual in the build-up phase but very strong in defence, thanks to the excellent performance of the two centre-backs. The end of the first half with Inter obsessively searching for the lead and the Rossoblu defending in order. We went into the dressing room with a score of 0-0 which reflects what we saw on the pitch. We’ll see in the second half if Inter can find him Winning move To put bologna under.

Odero Inter Bologna

Inter siege, Lautaro misses the penalty kick

We return to the field No change With Bologna trying to respond to Inter’s intensity, pressing higher and trying to find good outlets to worry Odero. But the first good ball arrives at my feet FratesiBologna’s defense forgot about it: It’s a pity for the Blue svirgoli Bad left foot cross, excellent from Bastoni. On the reverse kick, Saelemakers delivers a more attractive cross Fan HuoIjdonk He arrives a fraction of a second late. Bologna is certainly more aggressive but does not go beyond the b level of Orbanski who finishes in the third ring of the San Siro. On the other hand, the ball was given away badly by the Bologna defense as Fratesi put a golden ball into the goal Arnautovic: The former stumbles in the day and misses a good opportunity to beat Ravalia. Inzaghi realizes that something needs to change and starts to do so Let it heat up Many rookie players: Thiago Motta, on the other hand, prefers to wait longer before revealing his cards. Half an hour before the end, it is still the Nerazzurri who are pressing harder but the home team’s attempts They broke Inevitably on the visiting defence.

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Penalty kick for Lautaro for Inter Bologna

to’Main episode The match reached the 61st minute, when he won another corner kick, shield He jumps in a sprawling manner and catches the ball with his arm. It takes a few minutes before the Var room informs Mr. La Peña that something is wrong: a few seconds are enough for the Roman whistle to blow Point to the floppy disk. Captain Lautaro Martinez appears from eleven metres, and the sentence usually reads roughly: But this time, the world champion shoots from a low angle, and Ravaglia understands and understands everything. He managed to get there. There is nothing for the Argentine to do, the score remains 0-0. At this point, Inter break the deadlock and move forward Head down To finally find the advantage. Thiago Motta decided to change something but before he could make the change, after a good play on the counter from Pesek, Lautaro missed the goal. After Al-Azouzi took to the field instead of Moro, we continued in the same vein with Inter More nervous, keen to avoid extra time and penalty kicks. Another restart, this time it is Carlos Alberto who tries to shoot, with a deflection that does not fool Ravalia at all. Inter’s substitutions arrive in the 74th minute, with the exit of Arnautovic, Claassen, and Spades. Thuram, Barella and Demarco For more weight and dynamism in the midfield.

Photo by Urbanski Inter Bologna

Thiago Motta brings Corazza back to give De Silvestri a quarter of an hour, but Grinding game It’s always Inter, keen to take advantage of the owners’ greater style to break Bologna’s resistance. With 10 minutes to go, the Nerazzurri are running out of fuel but the Rossoblu are unable to launch serious counter-attacks. Inzaghi is playing the card too Sensei Instead of Aslani, the Italian coach replied that the Brazilian is the relay striker: Saelmakers and Van Hooydonk outside, inside Nadoy Zirkzee. Five minutes from time, Demarco penetrated and delivered a treacherous shot that Ravaglia still managed to reach. The high quality of the key players can be seen on the pitch and Bologna can only do that Refold They defend their goal and try to grit their teeth in the five minutes of stoppage time. The attacks failed to overcome Bologna’s defence: extra time will be needed to decide who will reach the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup.

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Epic supplements

Inzaghi calls the excellent Basic to the bench to compete there Pavard card In the two additional periods. The last two times they went to extra time, Inter managed to avoid penalties and immediately took the lead to eventually seal the scoreline. In the end, the Nerazzurri found a way to beat Ravaglia: a beautiful corner from Demarco and the Bologna defence. Forget Carlos Augusto. A big mistake, given that the former Monza player jumps higher than everyone and puts him in a place that the Bologna goalkeeper cannot reach.

Carlos Augusto Inter Bologna

Inter is trying to keep the pressure high to avoid unpleasant surprises, but Bologna It does not collapse Too much, trying to use the higher quality of new entrants to rebalance the accounts. Inzaghi remembers Lautaro Martinez coming on injured Mkhitaryan While Thiago Motta changes Lucumi to Calafiore. Not many changes have been made on the pitch, with Inter looking content and Bologna satisfied It works a lot Making themselves a threat as the second half progressed, the visitors certainly became more dangerous, staying close to Odero for long periods, and were eventually able to equalize. Zirkzee’s flying heel returns and the ball ends up straight at the feet of Beukema, who fires it towards goal. 1-1, everything has to be done again Per Inter.

He did not score for Inter Bologna

With Inter moving forward, there is room for the Rossoblu to restart, and once again, the difference is being made circus: Tunnel on Acerbi, helped run Ndoye who controls poorly but still outplays Audero. 2-1 Bologna and only three minutes for Inter to get the game back on its feet, which seemed to end with a hat-trick. The attacks collide with Bologna’s defence, and in the end it is the guests who celebrate. Bad setback For the leaders, who will be able to make up for it in the tournament and in the Champions League. However, former flag holders Bologna will go on to play the semi-final against Fiorentina Thiago Motta.

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Inter (3-5-2): Odero; Pesque (91′ Pavard), Acerbe, Bastoni (75′ Demarco); Darmian, Fratesi, Asllani (82′ Sensi), Klassen (74′ Barella), Carlos Augusto; Martinez (98′ Mkhitaryan), Arnautovic (74′ Thuram). Coach: Simone Inzaghi

Bologna (4-2-3-1): Ravalia; Corazza (75′ De Silvestri), Bocema, Lucumi (97′ Calafiore), Lycogiannis; Abicher, Moreau (67′ Al-Azouzi); Fabian, Urbanski, Sailmakers (83′); Van Hooydonk (84′ Zirkzee). Fiance: Thiago Death

Signs: 92′ Charles Augustus (I), 111′ Bokema (B), 116′ Ndoye (B)

to caution: 40′ Lekogiannis (M), 58′ Van Hooydonk (M), 88′ Fabian (M), 90+4′ Bisque (M), 99′ Darmian (M), 102′ Pavard (M), 109′ Barella ( I)

eviction: unavailable

to rule: Federico La Pena (Roma 1)

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