Victor Maceda: You will take over the voice of the bullfighter

Victor Maceda: You will take over the voice of the bullfighter

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You will be the matador's voice, it will be your matador's voice, you will forever be a matador, you will suffer, you will wait, you will always go among the dust, a dunghill will follow you…

It is enough to touch a little on the famous poem Vincent Andres antiquities In order to describe the introduction of the Valencian PP to deries Vicente Barrera. The joint photo of the state president, his first deputy, and the Minister of Culture in one of the… burladores In the bullring in Valencia during the last Valles Fair – accompanied by the head of health, MarcianoGomez– Indicates the totemic value that Mazon Barrera gives bullfighting priority over all other cultural manifestations, including some that enjoy notable consensus.

Both the government of Catalonia – led by the ERC – and the government of Spain – in the hands of the PSOE and Somar – announced a commemorationEstelle year In memory of the poet who was born a hundred years ago now. Even the Diputacio de Valencia, co-run by the People's Party and Ens Uneix, a formation from the Albaida Valley, will mark the anniversary. Popularity Baku TeruelMayor of Peñemodo (Ribera Alta) and responsible for culture at the regional institution, stressed the importance of “deserved recognition” for one who is “without a doubt” considered “one of the great European poets.”

On the other hand, the greatest institution of all Valencians allowed itself to be a party. According to Parreira, this is due to the “exploitation” of Estelí by the “ultra-left” in favor of “the political project of the Catalan states.” The popular group Les Cortes, which attempted to dress up the saint, claimed that declaring the year of the star would have led to “discrimination” between people. Candido Orte Fabregat“Flower painter” and also a painter Antonio Muñoz Degrinthe two people from the cultural world who must have gone to Wikipedia when they typed something like “Valencianos nacidos en 1924” on the keyboard.

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Barrera's political irrelevance is troubling, but what is even more scandalous is that he runs the cultural department of the State General. Mazzone is having a great time, and seems to be living it weather Their permanent social media profiles are proof of this.

Mazón has delegated this responsibility to the person who rejects any product made in a language other than Spanish. A character-driven aversion that, if anything, would be understandable in places like La Rioja or Murcia, but is completely at odds with the culture in a bilingual region like Valencia.

The contempt with which Parreira included in his parliamentary speech the reduction of the aid granted by the General Government to institutions and chairs that work to spread the government's legacy to zero euros.And Joan Foster, Carlos Salvador Or compare Estelles himself, in any way, with the pride with which he awarded a grant of 300,000 euros to the Madrid-based Del Toro de Ledia Foundation, to organize bullfighting events in Valencia.

A coup of this kind would have overturned the tectonic plates of any minimally advanced society. But, in fact, we are talking about the Valencian State, where the People's Party has already used its veto both positively and negatively, Before the messagemusical groups that sang in their own language, where TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio were left without a signal due to the resolute will Francisco Camps As the audiovisual sector and the theatrical scene were being swept away by rulers who viewed them as potential enemies who needed to be banished.

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On Wednesday, Barrera refused, for the umpteenth time, to join the state in the Year of Esteli, while announcing the organization of some “activities” related to the poet throughout the year 2024. The Colombian musical piece says “Eye on the Bull.” CantalesioRojas.

Half an hour later, half a kilometer away, in the lobby of the October Center for Contemporary Culture, the Spanish Minister of Culture met, Ernest Urtasunappeared before Carmina AndresThe daughter of the writer and journalist to confirm the state government’s support for the commemoration works of the city’s poet. “It was a commitment to participate,” he said.

Who would tell Estelí that, on the centenary of his birth, he would suffer the contempt of the Valencian authorities and that Spain would come to his rescue? Who would have told him that the voice of his people would be assumed by the same Spain that restricted the use of non-Castilian languages ​​to the privacy of homes.

Mazzone looks at the matter from a distance, as if things are not going the way he wants. He made the decision to run the entire legislature with the Vox party, neglecting the offer of specific agreements which the Socialists had put to him two weeks before in the Courts. Barrera does not bother him enough and he only has to look to the Valencia City Council to verify that the two coexist Maria Jose Catala with Juanma Badenas Yes, it is torture. In addition, Mazzone, as president of the Alicante Provincial Council, honored the bullfighter a year ago, on the 50th anniversary of his replacement. Jose Maria Manzanareswhich he said he had Azorin“The most important man from Alicante of the twentieth century.”

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In general, this Thursday, PPCV and Vox presented four very important amendments to the law – the Law on Multilingualism in Education, the Law Regulating the Anti-Fraud Agency, the Law on Transparency, and the Valencian Radio and Television Law – and “a new symbolic law for Vox – which will be called “The name 'Wefaq' will replace democratic memory – it means a major transformation.” Extreme Estelles's paraphrased poem actually says: “You will assume the bullfighter's voice.”

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