US, 17 Democrats arrested for protesting in favor of abortion: Ocasio-Cortez salutes with a fist

US, 17 Democrats arrested for protesting in favor of abortion: Ocasio-Cortez salutes with a fist

Some of the Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And the Ilhan Omarthey were arrested in the course of a Demonstration in favor of abortion near Capitol Hill (Washington). When the policewoman repeated the warning three times: “You have an unauthorized demonstration. You block the road, move or you will be arrested”, le 17 deputies At the head of the procession they didn’t want to know and continued on their way toward the building Supreme court subordinate United State.

Showed policies against Cancellation from wholesale Raw vs. Wade (1973) and thus against removing the protection of the right of choice afforded to American women over abortion: “We won’t back down“It’s theirs. Logo. Given that Democrats were unable to address the provision with a law lack of numbers to undermine Senate Republicans, the protesters decided to highlight the protest and begin to provoke. to move the initiative 4 members were fromTeamor the team: Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib. In the group that left yesterday afternoon, July 19, Old Representatives such as Jackie Spear also attended.

The police followed the group until they stopped at an intersection on the ramp leading to the station. At that moment, after receiving the call to action, many protesters sat on the asphalt and just at that moment Arrests have been launched. Instead of metal handcuffs, plastic laces were used. Show pictures Ocasio-Cortez who – which salutes with closed fist, before being imprisoned with her hand behind her back. The deputies were reportedly held for a few hours in the barracks, but were detained fined.

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