Google launches a new service in the United States

Google launches a new service in the United States

Google to Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:Google) (NASDAQ:Google) said a long-awaited product that allows news publishers to compensate for publishing their content is likely to launch in the US this summer.

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Google News’ offer comes at the right time, as several countries are taking legislative steps to require publishers to reimburse costs from technology companies, including Google and parent company Facebook. Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:half), for having their contents, ie reports The Wall Street Journal.

In 2020, Google announced Showcase, which it launched in more than 20 countries, with the exception of the United States, where negotiations with some publishers have stalled.

Showcase will feature in more than 150 US news organizations, the company said, including local organizations such as Minnesota’s Duluth News Tribune and Florida’s Orlando Weekly and major publications such as the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Reuters and Wall. Street Journal.

Google has faced criticism from major news organizations, including the Wall Street Journal’s parent company, News Corp (NASDAQ:NWS supplement), for using journalistic content in its products without paying publishers.

On Thursday, Google announced plans to continue funding the Google News initiative, which invests in local news organizations.

In addition, the site has been rebranded and updated with a tool that allows users to purchase news subscriptions through their Google account.

price action

Shares of GOOG rose 0.52% to $123.31 in its latest pre-market check on Friday.

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