Vicenza, a 45-year-old father who traveled to the US for cancer treatment, did not succeed

Vicenza, a 45-year-old father who traveled to the US for cancer treatment, did not succeed

Claudio with his sister in Texas

Tommaso Buscarato, the 45-year-old father from Vicenza who traveled there, was unable to get January with his sister Claudia in Texas, at Salem Oncology Centerto fight cancer. The man who died Saturday morning in the clinic: leaves his wife Daria and his two-year-old daughter Simona.


Buscarato was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. the wife Daria Shishegina has started a fundraising campaign through the online platform Gofundme We help Father Thomas beat cancer to face the high cost of treatment. He explained that treatments are very expensive and that’s why we turn to everyone because of it We want to give him a chance to see his daughter grow upHe is too young to be without my father. The goal was to reach 100 thousand euros, but despite this generosity it was not possible to reach the number. The call has joined the voice Vicenza Mayor Francesco Rocco who gave a press conference privately at Palazzo Trissino: as mayor and head of the In the counties I appeal to everyone to support fundraising for Thomas’s care, To allow him to continue his treatments in America and then return to his family to Vicenza.

disease course

In May last year, the diagnosis came like a lightning bolt out of the blue: Metastatic colorectal cancer. The doctors said there was no escape, it was just months. Ten courses of chemotherapy did not give the desired results. But Casal’s Reverend, Don Gino, thought of stimulating minds. Who recommended the American Family Clinic Led by a global superstar in oncology, the naturalized Lebanese-American Philip Salem. A Race Against Time On January 1 Claudia escorted her brother to Texas, to allow him to begin a course of life-saving treatments. Then the tragic end.

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