St. Juan will start out with cool, clear skies and some dangerous clouds

The weather is a little more stableThat is, with less abundant and thinner clouds. We will find ourselves between two disturbances, one heading towards Italy, and the other approaching little by little across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Iberian Peninsula. This condition will facilitate the arrival of a slightly warmer air mass and push temperatures to rise closer to their normal levels for this time of year, especially during the day. Clearer than the last 24 hours, more periods of sunshine and in some areas you can enjoy the beach more, although it will cost Go from 25 or 27 degrees to the shoreline.

Beach Day at Palafroghill (Andrew Coles)

In any case, we come from the entry of cold air passing through the upper layers of the troposphere from the Alps towards the Gulf of Leon (today the cold bag is moving towards Liguria and the Eastern Alps). Therefore, the inertia of one is maintained The morning is cold in the interior and mild on the coastuntil Cold in the Pyrenees The Prades Mountains and points in central Catalonia, Montseny and Les Guilleries. Seeing the sunrise this St. John’s Day will be a little unusual from other years, without the heat of the night hours in other years. Cal takes shelter in the morning And early in the morning. In the Pyrenees there will be a minimum of 5 to 10 degrees, with values ​​of 0 to 5 degrees Celsius on the highest peaks of the mountain range. On the coast, the minimum temperature ranges between 15 and 19 degrees.

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Typical May morning (WRF TVC)

Partly cloudy, sun and dangerous clouds in a few areas

A choppy morning with clouds appearing in the Aran Valley, coast and pre-coast. Perhaps there will be more clearance operations in the north of the Costa Brava and in the south of Terres de l’Ebre. Some low clouds Fog or mist In central Catalonia, the Pyrenees and coastal areas. More times Sun or clear sky In the Lleida Plan, in the Pre-Pyrenean sector and in the interior and southern regions of Tarragona.

Yesterday’s clouds could be repeated, but less dense and with more clearance. (Eva M. Carbajo)

In the afternoon some light rain may fall Scattered showers In the Pyrenees, within Girona and north of Barcelona. Places like Pripereño, Ripulse, Osuna, Garrotxa and Geleri will be where rain is most likely. It will cost 5 to 10 l/m2.

Very little rain in northern parts (WRF TVC)

Quantitative temperatures

The weather will become a little warmer as a result of the slight withdrawal of the cold air that accompanied us on Sunday. Although early in the morning it will be cold throughout the interior by noon It will be nice or hot With maximum temperatures reaching 30/32°C in the warmest areas of the country, which correspond to the Ponente region and the inland areas of Terres de l’Ebre. The instantaneous value of 33°C cannot be ruled out. In the center and north of the country, it will be difficult to exceed 28 degrees.

And the next few days…

Temperatures will rise clearly as a result of the re-entry of southern winds, and at the same time, unsafe conditions will arrive with rain and storms during the afternoon. Maximum temperatures are 30 to 35 degrees inside. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon there will be thunderstorms in the Pyrenees and in parts of Lleida or the port area and Matarania. The weather is expected to cool and there may be more rain next Thursday, especially inland and in the Pyrenees, but not much on the coast.

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