Market crash but incentives to come?

Market crash but incentives to come?

The car market is suffering a severe blow, the causes of which can be found long before the outbreak of war in Ukraine. First, the crisis of raw materials created a domino effect, which made car bags unable to meet all the demands. However, incentives are on the way: Let’s see which ones!

condition car market in italy It worsened significantly, even if we compare March 2022 with 2021. In March 2022, 119,000 vehicles were registered in Italy, which is a sharp 30% decrease compared to the March 2021 data. Returning to 2019, the breakdown is equal 40%.

What is the cause of this disaster? Do government incentives save the market?

Cars: A month to forget

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March 2022 will certainly remain in the memory of traders and retailers, as one of the least prolific months in recent years. The new cars Only 119 thousand were registered in Italy, registering negative values ​​\u200b\u200bfor all major global brands.

Less well-known brands are moving against the trend, for example Honda, Dacia and D, which recorded a sales growth of more than 10%, thanks to particularly advantageous prices. Besides these luxury brands, Porsche has also shown a growing trend.

Car market: the government promises incentives

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Pending final approval of the financial document, which is an economic and financial document, which, in accordance with the promises of the government, must contain: Important incentives for the automotive worldDemand does not appear to be rising. This is the effect of the long wait for incentives, as citizens who want to buy a car are waiting for the best time.

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However, the slowdown of the market also stems from material shortage, particularly semiconductors, which is essential for the production of microchips for today’s highly advanced machines. This delay in delivery discourages people from buying new machines.

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