Famine in Afghanistan, families selling their children: US lifts sanctions

The situation of the civilian population in Afghanistan has now reached the last frontier

Kabul – Afghanistan is dying of starvation, with many families now living in tents as the economy has completely collapsed since the arrival of the Taliban.Or being forced to sell their children for a thousand or two thousand euros, Shows the latest ski investigation. And sets the West aside Economic war, to save civilians. The United States has formally exempted U.S. and UN officials from doing business with the Taliban in compliance with U.S. sanctions. A decisive step to ensure that aid comes to fast-sinking Afghanistan A serious humanitarian crisis.

The United States has considered the Taliban for years Terrorist group On this basis they ordered the freezing of American property and forbidding the Americans from having economic relations with them. Following the latest move, the Treasury on Wednesday granted three public licenses aimed at facilitating humanitarian assistance into Afghanistan. Both licenses allow US officials and international organizations such as the United NationsI am involved in transactions involving the Taliban or the Haqqani network For official business. The third license provides protection for NGOs against US restrictions on certain activities, including humanitarian projects.

A senior US administration official said the Taliban They must act to prevent the Afghan economy from shrinking further. “It simply came to our notice then To alleviate the humanitarian crisis Bringing resources to the people of Afghanistan will allow these public licenses to allow companies that do this work to do exactly that, ”the official told reporters. Criticized the decision of the President’s administration Democrat Joe Biden.

Exception “can be used US Taxpayer Fund Reward, legalize and enforce the same Taliban who forcibly seized power and were not interested in complying with international norms, ”he said. Representative Michael McCall. Afghanistan’s economic crisis has accelerated since the Taliban came to power in August. The United States and other donors have cut back on financial aid, e.g. More than $ 9 billion Afghanistan’s hard currency assets frozen. According to the United Nations, nearly 23 million people – about 55% of the population – are facing severe hunger, and nearly 9 million are at risk of famine as winter approaches.

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“We will continue to support The efforts of our partners Increase aid during this time of need and provide the necessary relief, “said Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Freezing of United Nations assets On the leaders of the Taliban and related organizations. The exception is “only for humanitarian aid and other activities that support basic human needs in Afghanistan, the Council will review within a year,” said Jeffrey Tolerantis, senior adviser on the US mission to the United Nations. Demands approval of action.

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