Vialli died at the age of 58, and was being treated for pancreatic cancer. Illness is not just suffering

Vialli died at the age of 58, and was being treated for pancreatic cancer.  Illness is not just suffering

He had hitherto been an Italian Londoner for a quarter of a century, E.P Londonat the Royal Marsden Hospital where he was hospitalized for three weeks, he was gone Gianluca Vialli, at only 58 years old. He was born in Cremona on July 9, 1964. He leaves behind his wife Catherine and two daughters, Sophia and Olivia. surrendered to a Pancreas cancer, one of the most treacherous conditions, was diagnosed in 2017 and faced a mixture of cynicism, courage and melancholy for a life that will remain unforgettable. The funeral will take place in London in private, the date and place to be kept secret. He was a striker for Cremonese, Samp, Juventus and Chelsea, as well as for the national team, and then a coach.

His death came 21 days after the death of Sinisa Mihajlovic, who is from leukemia, one of the heroes of Italian football in the eighties and nineties of the last century, and the champions of the great Italian league. from Vialli in his career; Graeme Souness, with whom he played in Sampdoria, burst into tears in England. In fact, there are also sincere condolences in the UK: the BBC and other British broadcasters have covered the news with long live broadcasts. Journalists who followed his exploits closely weep, too, because he was a wonderful man, intelligent, sharp, never vulgar, one of those who left a mark and it’s worth knowing: the heart bleeds, pieces of us leave and our lives, and so soon.

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Vialli, Funeral in London in private format (with confidential date). In Cremona, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnaming the stadium after him


He was a hero, a sensitive man and a charismatic leader, an agile and smiling icon for the Vicini U-21 team, the senior national team and the great Sampdoria, an example to follow for generations and indeed a “living example” for the national team. Vialli was considered by the Azzurri in the European Championship that He won it just 18 months ago, when Luca, as companion but also operator, advisor to Mancini coach and confidant of the players, added value indisputably, and who knows what turbulent in his heart.It now hurts to think of the embrace between Vialli and Mancio at Wembley after just winning With the final match, two happy friends, hearts and souls of thirty years.A hug that was worth a lifetime.And poor Roberto Mancini too: in a few days he lost two best friends, Sinisa and Luca.Fate befalls humanity with the collapse of the apocalypse.

the disease

On December 14, Vialli announced that he had to leave the national team to undergo a course of additional treatments, after those that began five years ago. But then he entered the clinic, and there was nothing left to do against the evil he had faced for 5 years, which came back with more force than ever, despite operations and long chemotherapy courses. Between Christmas and New Year’s, he received visits from many friends, from Roberto Mancini to Ciro Ferrara and Massimo Mauro, and members of his family, including his 88-year-old mother, Maria Teresa, and her four siblings; Mourning also affects his father, Gianfranco, who is 92 years old. Luca was the fifth child, “unplanned”, from a very wealthy family from Cremona. They all lived in a country villa, or rather a castle, in Gromelo. He was a hero on the pitch, acrobatic, quick and agile in the early part of his career, which culminated in the Scudetto in Sampdoria in 1991, one of only three, in the last 31 years, to leave the Milano-Turin axis. (The others won me Lazio and Roma). Then at Juventus, in the second part of his career, he became increasingly strong and modern, the Champions League, as captain, was in Rome in 1996. He is always a thoughtful and intelligent boss, asked questions to coaches and asked them questions. , analytical and also naive, and one of the first football players to “break through” television.

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He loved dialectics, and became famous for his clash with blues coach Arrigo Sacchi, and his concession for the 1994 World Cup. He then went to London, putting down roots there, and in the meantime became a highly regarded TV commentator on Sky. He was the only ex-football player to carry the Olympic torch in Turin 2006. In recent years, he has moved away from football, has been an entrepreneur, and returned only to invite Roberto Mancini to the national team, but then returned to his career: among regrets, the inability to Buying his beloved Sampdoria, despite attempts. Finally, the disease has returned in devastating fashion, and the past year has been an ordeal. Serie A will remember him with minutes of silence before matches, and yesterday tributes arrived from all over the world, from FIFA to the Premier League, Allegri and Mourinho observed a minute’s silence before training, and many others like them. Cremona will dedicate its “Zini” stadium to Vialli. And this is only the beginning: Luke left his mark and will be remembered forever, because heroes are forever young and strong, in the hearts of those he loved.

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